Flashpoint Batman is Officially The Biggest Hater of DC Comics

While DC’s latest Infinite Frontier reboot says that everything matters in a massive omniverse of stories, Flashpoint Batman hates that idea.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Flashpoint Beyond #0

flashpoint batman is officially the biggest hater of DC Comics’ newest reboot. Entitled Infinite Frontier, the current era of DC Comics is most easily defined by the new concept that “everything matters” regardless of universes, retcons, or past reboots. However, that’s the exact opposite of what Thomas Wayne wants when he finds himself back in his own reality which has somehow returned in the new Flashpoint Beyond series from Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso.

While Thomas Wayne worked with The Flash to restore Barry’s timeline after he changed time and created a darker reality in the original flash point storyline, Thomas Wayne survived the erasure of his timeline thanks to the Reverse-Flash. This was because Thawne wanted Thomas to despair over his son Bruce becoming just like him in the primary timeline. Following the City of Bane event where Thomas worked with Bane to break his son so he’d quit as the Dark Knight, Bane and Thomas were defeated with the alternate Batman being put in Arkham Asylum. However, Thomas would soon find his way to the multiversal team known as Justice League Incarnate, working to redeem the mistakes he made and make his son proud.


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That being said, Flashpoint Beyond #0 sees Thomas waking up back in the Flashpoint timeline which has somehow been restored. While a full explanation has yet to present itself, it likely has to do with the current Infinite Frontier reboot. Case in point, Thomas finds a chalkboard just like the ones famously left by time traveler Rip Hunter. While they’re usually filled with clues and teases for the future, Thomas Wayne’s chalkboard only has two words: “Everything Matters.“Naturally, Thomas refuses to believe in this dark truth. The last thing he wants is for his reality to be real where his son was murdered and his wife became the Joker in her grief (all while his world is on the brink of war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons).


Driven to erase the Flashpoint timeline once more (believing his son’s life depends on it as it did in the past), Thomas desperately took a very confused Barry Allen and tried to give him powers, only for him to die via electrocution. Trapped in this reality now that it apparently matters, along with everything else in Infinite Frontier, Thomas wants to hunt down whoever has brought this dark splinter of a timeline back. Even if it means ending his own existence of him, the Flashpoint Batman is swearing to destroy his reality of him once and for all.

It should also be noted that while Thomas believes his son no longer exists, Bruce is currently investigating the Omniverse that was created at the beginning of Infinite Frontier and the new concept known as the Divine Continuum, an existence of space and time that may very well be maintained by Rip Hunter and his fellow Time Masters. With both the flashpoint batman and the original Dark Knight beginning their respective investigations, it’s going to be very exciting to see what they discover and what they might be able to change as DC’s Flashpoint Beyond continue.

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