His wife didn’t suspect he was cheating until he ordered a pizza for his affair partner | tracey folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a coworker who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

What happens when the pizza delivery driver who brings food to your hotel room is the son of your wife’s best friend?

I worked with a woman who had married a man with health issues. Her husband’s health issues affected all aspects of both their lives, making romance in their marriage impossible.

As a result, my coworker was always looking for affair partners. She typically met these men online and dated them only for a short time before moving on to another.

One of her affair partners lived in New Hampshire; he was one of her longest-term affairs. He was an unhappily married man who was determined to make his marriage work by cheating on his wife.

Seeing this married man required a journey of several hours by bus, but my coworker didn’t let that stop her. She said he was worth the trip.

Every Friday night, she packed an overnight bag and told her husband she was going to bingo night at a popular casino in a neighboring state. It was a plausible excuse; she had always loved bingo. And casinos.

She’d convinced her husband that this casino held weekend-long “bingo extravaganzas,” and since he enjoyed neither casinos nor bingo, he was happy to accept her going alone.

Here’s the kicker. This woman always made her husband de ella drive her to the bus station. He would drop her off de ella with a kiss on the cheek and watch her board the bus that would take her to the lodging spot where her affair partner was waiting.

After a romantic getaway that included exactly zero bingo, my coworker would board the bus home. Her husband picked her up on Sunday nights; he was always none the wiser. Or is it possible he knew exactly what was happening and chose to look the other way given the circumstances?

As it turned out, she would never know.

The last time she met her affair partner, they stayed at a swanky hotel. Neither of them was in the mood for fancy, overpriced room service. So they ordered a pizza instead.

When the man opened the door, he saw a familiar young man standing there. It was the oldest son of his wife’s best friend, who looked just as surprised to see him as he felt.

The young man promised not to tell his parents or the man’s wife in exchange for a hefty tip, but my coworker’s affair partner was spooked by the situation.

“I didn’t realize how easily I could get caught,” he told her. He ended their affair that weekend, vowing to make good on his twenty-two-year marriage with his wife. “I don’t want to lose her,” he told my shocked coworker.

According to my coworker, they didn’t even eat the pizza. It just sat there on the hotel room table as a reminder of how suddenly appetites can change.

In the end, the pizza delivery driver didn’t keep his word. He told his parents of him he had seen their close friend of him with another woman, and they told the man’s wife. It didn’t end well for anyone.

“He called me one last time,” my coworker told me, “and he said his wife knew everything. He wanted to get back together, but I refused. I have ended things between us. Now he can live with the consequences.”

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