How To Get The Protonaught Minion

To get the Protonaught Minion in Final Fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light must participate in PvP activities for the Patch 6.1’s new Series.

The Protonaught is a summonable Minion in final fantasy XIV that resembles enemies of past final-fantasy titles and similar mechanical mobs found in the Raid Dungeons of Hydaelyn. This Minion is described to be a prototype model of an Allagan construction machina and can allegedly lift much more than its own weight. Unfortunately, players can not see the Protonaught perform such incredible feats in the world of FFXIV, yet they can see the miniature robot in action by participating in the Gold Saucer’s Lord of Verminion minigame. Furthermore, fans can trigger some unique interactions with the model once they’ve obtained the “Mammeteer” in-game achievement.


To get the Protonaught Minion in final fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light must first have access to PvP activities. PvP becomes available once players have reached Level 30 and joined one of the three available Grand Companies. Once these two conditions have been met, the quest, “A Pup Not Longer,” will become available at one’s GC headquarters. Once this quest has been fulfilled, adventurers will have access to Crystalline Conflict, one of FFXIV‘s newly updated PvP modes to engage in.

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More PvP Duties in FFXIV can be unlocked by completing “Like Civilized Men and Women” for Maelstrom, Twin Adder, and Immortal Flames. Another PvP-related side quest is “Rival Wings,” given by an NPC named Softknox in the Wolves’ Den Pier at X:5.7, Y:5.4. Once officially registered to PvP, FFXIV players will be given a “PvP Profile,” with which they check Patch 6.1’s new Series Malmstones system.

Unlocking The Protonaught Minion In FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV Where To Get The Protonaught Minion

The Series Malmstones system in final fantasy XIV works similarly to a battle pass in multiplayer or online-based games. By participating in PvP activities and events, adventurers will reach milestones called Malmstones. These Malmstones can be claimed to receive rewards, including a time-limited currency called Trophy Crystals. Fans will need to earn Trophy Crystals ×1,000 to unlock the Protonaught Minion in FFXIV.

Eleven FFXIV players have the required amount of Trophy Crystals, they can visit the Crystal Quartermaster in The Braveheart of the Wolves’ Den Pier at X:4.4, Y:6.1. After opening the store window, select the Trophy Crystal Exchange. Here, Warriors of Light will be able to buy the Protonaught Minion. Keep in mind that once the current Series has finished, players will no longer be able to earn Trophy Crystals, resulting in the Protonaught Minion becoming unobtainable. Therefore, those aiming to get the Minion and other rarities should prioritize participating in PvP before completing content that isn’t time-sensitive.

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final fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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