10 Best Iron Man Comics Characters Not In The MCU

Iron Man heroically sacrificed his life to save the universe in avengers endgame, seemingly ending Tony Stark’s story on the big screen. But some of the best Iron Man comics characters are still not in the MCU, including some of his greatest villains like the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man. They may yet appear in live-action, as Tony Stark’s legacy will continue to be a major element. of the franchise.

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Some of the best Iron Man comics characters still not in the MCU include powerful variants of himself, like the Superior Iron Man and Iron Man 2020, that could appear and are likely to given how prominent the multiverse is becoming. Though Tony Stark may be gone, other Iron Men seem poised to appear, opening the door to many great characters from the comics who have yet to have their shot at appearing in the MCU.


Superior Iron Man

Superior Iron Man fights the original Iron Man in Marvel Comics.

The Superior Iron Man is one of the most powerful variants of Iron Man in Marvel comics, and he’s also one of his most complicated enemies, making him one of the best characters from the comics not yet in the MCU. He could be soon, though.

The Superior Iron Man was a version of Iron Man corrupted by a dark spell and ultimately confronted the original Iron Man in a battle in the multiverse. This could have some influence on the MCU, especially if the Superior Iron Man appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as has been speculated.

Madam Mask

Madame MasqueAgent Carter

Madame Masque is one of Iron Man’s oldest villains, first appearing in costume in Hombre de Hierro #17, as well as one of his greatest love interests. Although her deep connections from her to the character of her throws the possibility of her appearance from her into question, she’d still make a great addition to the mainstream film series.

A version of Whitney Frost has appeared in the Agent Carter television series, though the canonicity of that remains a question despite featuring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. As a member of the Masters of Evil, Frost has a lot of potential in the franchise even though Iron Man is no longer active.


The Illuminati meet for the first time in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know the Illuminati was founded by Iron Man along with several of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, including Black Bolt. Black Bolt’s huge role in the Illuminati and connections to other Marvel characters makes him one of the best characters not in the MCU.

Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans and a titanic figure in Marvel lore, with deep connections to the Fantastic Four. With some form of the Illuminati apparently coming in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he’s likely not far away.


Guardsman attacks in Marvel Comics.

Guardsman’s iconic armor was designed by Tony Stark, and the two were close friends and associates before becoming bitter enemies. Their fallout and decades-long rivalry make him one of the best Iron Man characters who hasn’t yet been introduced to the big-screen story.

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Guardsman has been the identity of several different characters in the comics and his backstory is similar to some characters in the MCU, like Mysterio, but Guardsman could still be an interesting villain for the successors of Iron Man in live-action.

Living Laser

Iron Man Living Laser Comic Fight

Living Laser first appeared in avengers #34 and became a consistent villain of Iron Man in the years after. His unique ability to become and generate living energy avoids one of the bigger cliches in Iron Man comics-villains in their own suits of armor-making him an interesting Iron Man character to introduce to the movies.

Living Laser could potentially appear in the MCU as a member of the Lethal Legion, a group of supervillains that includes other characters likely to be introduced in the future, like Absorbing Man and Gray Gargoyle.

Sunset Bath

Sunset Bain from Marvel comics

Sunset Bain is a major adversary of Iron Man as well as a love interest of Tony Stark, somewhat similar to Madame Masque, even down to her codename, Madame Menace. What makes her one of the best Iron Man comics characters not in the MCU is that she evolves into an AI threat.

In the Iron Man 2020 alternate future, she manifests as a highly advanced artificial intelligence that could potentially be adapted into the MCU as an evil version of JARVIS to guide a group of villains, possibly even the Contessa.

Arno Stark

Arno Stark, in his Iron Man armor, fires a repulsor blast.

Arno Stark is Iron Man 2020 and his role as the successor to the legacy of Tony Stark makes him an ideal potential choice for a future in the MCU. He could appear at some point as a possible heir to Stark Industries.

There are different versions of Arno Stark in the multiverse of the comics, including one that is the brother of Tony Stark. That could be the version that emerges in the MCU, someone who could be a hero or villain and who could compete with other characters for the legacy of Iron Man.

Titanium Man

Iron Man battles the Titanium Man while the world watches on TV

Titanium Man is one of Iron Man’s earliest foes. He first appeared in tales of suspense #69 and has been a constant threat ever since, making his absence from the MCU notable, as he’s one of the best Iron Man villains from the comics.

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Titanium Man has evolved significantly from a Soviet-era spy to a mercenary who worked for figures like Justin Hammer. He could appear soon, as he played a key role in the Armor Wars storyline from the 80s, which is being adapted into an upcoming streaming series.


MODOK in Marvel Comics

Comic book fans know MODOK is one of the strangest villains but also one of the most fun, making him easily one of the best Iron Man characters not yet in the mainline MCU (despite having his own Hulu series). The powerful leader of AIM is likely not that far off in live-action, as the MCU seems to be embracing some of Marvel’s more idiosyncratic elements.

MODOK (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) has fought Iron Man and the Avengers numerous times in the comics, constantly seeking to upgrade his intelligence and his physical form.

crimson dynamo

Crimson Dynamo is one of Iron Man’s classic early villains, first appearing in tales of suspense #46 in 1963. This Soviet super-soldier would become one of Iron Man’s primary antagonists, making him one of the best Iron Man characters not in the MCU.

Like Titanium Man, he could emerge in the MCU through Armor Wars. In the original comic book storyline, Iron Man discovers several of his villains including Crimson Dynamo are using stolen Stark technology, which could happen in the MCU as well.

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