Batgirl Writer Reveals DC Fans’ Favorite Teen Titans In Twitter Thread

The Teen Titans have had numerous members since debuting in 1964. Comic writer Gail Simone has taken to Twitter to reveal fans’ favorite Titans.

On Twitter, Gail Simone – known for her work on batgirl and other comics – have asked DC Comics fans to answer a new question involving the teen titans. She wants to know everyone’s top three favorite Titans. As happened with her previous hashtag trends, fans have eagerly shared their favorites, allowing a look at who some of the most popular teen heroes actually are across a broad audience.

In previous months, Gail Simone has asked fans to reveal their superhero crushes as well as guess what items are inside Deadpool’s pouches. Both went viral and were met with a flurry of responses from fans. The latest hashtag trend – #Fave3Titans – from gail simone‘s Twitter presents a great opportunity to express appreciation for the Teen Titans, whose roster has changed to a great deal over the years. The team first debuted in 1964 and its numerous members have had plenty of time to impress readers and become favorites.


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To kick things off, Simone shared her personal top three, which included Nightwing, Wonder Girl, and Kole. Nightwing has stolen fans’ hearts as a hero, so his presence is no surprise. Wonder Girl is another core member with frequent appearances, though whether she means Donna Troy or Cassie Sandsmark is not clarified (both are amazing). Kole, however, is an interesting pick since she hasn’t had an extensive history in comics, having been introduced in 1985 and killed the following year during Crisis on Infinite Earths. She returned briefly, just to be confirmed as being dead. Fans’ choices were slightly more expected.

As might be expected by his popularity and longevity in comics, Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing is a top favorite of fans. His position of him at the top appears largely undisputed, even taking up all three slots for some fans. His adopted brothers Tim Drake and Damian Wayne both made appearances in fans’ lists, but not nearly as frequently as Dick and his other teammates. Raven and Starfire were also some of the most popular picks.

Some fans were specific about which version of a hero they preferred. While Wonder Girl’s name was listed as a major favorite, Donna is far more popular than Cassie. Some mentioned Changeling over Beast Boy, throwing back to Gar Logan’s shift from his former codename to him. Donna Troy’s alternate name, Troia, was also mentioned several times. Additionally, there were a few splits between Conner Kent and Kon-El as Superboy.

Donna Troy and Beast Boy were popular selections, though Cyborg was selected far less, in spite of his prominence on the team across a variety of media. The top picks were readily Nightwing/Robin, Raven, Wonder Girl, Starfire, and Beast Boy. However, Kid Flash made several fan lists. Other characters less frequently seen included Terra, Static, Bunker, Stitch, Omen, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Kyle Rayner, Harlequin, Flamebird, and Kid Devil. Despite Supergirl having a rather prominent role in comics overall, she wasn’t a popular choice among fans for favorite Teen Titan.

No matter how many other Titans appear, there’s no disputing who the most popular are. This is particularly true when fans fill their listing with the same hero or heroine. This was the case with both Raven and Nightwing.

Despite the question asking for Teen Titans in any medium, fans were eager to provide their favorite runs for characters with Wolfman/Perez being a popular choice.

Thank you gail simonefans were all too eager to share their favorite teen titans. While Nightwing was definitely the trophy holder for popularity as usual, there was a great showing for many Titans. As always the batgirl writer knows how to bring out positive shows of fandom within the comic community.

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