DC Gives Blue Beetle Comic A Second Chance After Round Robin Loss

DC has made the announcement that 2021 Round Robin entry Blue Beetle: Graduation Day will be getting a full series, the first non-victor to do so.

In a move that few fans saw coming, DC revealed that Blue Beetle’s entry from last year’s round-robin tournament is getting a full comic release. The shocking announcement is a game-changer for any participant that doesn’t go all the way in the intense competition.

DC began its game in 2021 with a lineup of 16 potential titles that fans could vote for which one they’d like to see get a full series. The field was littered with a mix of well-known heroes to characters that haven’t starred in a book in years. Though fan-favorite Jaime Reyes made it to the third round with Blue Beetle: Graduation Dayit lost to Suicide Squad Sevenwhich in turn lost to the competition to robins. There were a number of raw feelings among fans who thought smaller titles never stood a chance against pitches with more popular characters.


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Despite only one winner being selected from last year’s Round Robin, DC personnel have hinted that fans may not have seen the last of these books. Now, the publisher is making good on their promise, taking to social media sites such as Twitter to announce the resurrection of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. Not only is the title getting a full series, it’s bringing back the creative team originally attached to the pitch. Josh Trujillo will pen the series and art duties will be handled by Adrián Gutierréz. At the same time, DC also announced that four titles that were eliminated during the ongoing 2022 Round Robin would be released as six-page stories.

This is a particularly notable moment as no series that has been eliminated from either Round Robin tournament has been brought back. The closest fans have come to see a title get another chance was when Justice League Queer reappeared in 2021’s DC Pride #1 and Tis the Season to Be Freezin’ #one. Beyond that, the pitches have remained unused, making Blue Beetle’s new series a victory for every story concept that doesn’t win the Round Robin.

Fans have had a number of issues with the Round Robin competition, from pitting creative teams against one another to unfairly putting books with less popular characters up against fan-favorites. The teasing nature of the tournament has also rubbed fans the wrong way, showing off art and story pages from books that have a very low chance of winning. bringing Blue Beetle: Graduation Day back isn’t just a good thing for fans of Jaime Reyes, it’s a good way of restoring confidence in the Round Robin. If fans know their preferred title still has a chance of seeing publication, they’re much more likely to embrace the spirit of the competition, even if their pick doesn’t win the tournament. The release of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day is a great way for DC to show that they are listening to the fans who participate in the round-robin.

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