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Being able to escape to a made-up, imaginary world of fiction has a charm of its own but for many, watching real events of the past unfold on their television screens is what’s truly exciting.

Fans of non-fiction, including true crime, enjoy the enactment of facts, plus there’s an added element of learning history.

If you enjoy non-fiction TV and are looking for a chance to spend some quality time with a show this Eid, here’s what you can watch.


An American political thriller Gaslit is a limited television series based on the major Watergate Scandal of the United States involving then US president Richard Nixon. The story begins in January 1972, five months before the infamous break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Washington, DC Watergate Office Building.

The scandal led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974.

Starring Hollywood A-lister movie stars Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp and Aleksandar Filimonovic, Gaslit is based on a highly acclaimed podcast, Slow Burn. It premiered on American premium cable and satellite television network Starz on April 24, 2022.

Drama critic Rebecca Nicholson, in a review for The Guardian, finished Gaslit the “pinnacle of prestige television as it stands in 2022.”

Under the Banner of Heaven

An American true crime miniseries, based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer, Under the Banner of Heaven is set to premiere on April 28th on Hulu.

Starring Academy Award-nominee Andrew Garfield, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sam Worthington, Denise Gough and more, the story follows a police officer whose faith is shaken during the investigation of the murder of a woman that seems to involve the LDS church.

The show will be a treat for fans of non-fiction, as the show explores two historical timelines – ie, the origin and evolution of the LDS Church and the murder committed in the name of religion.

Garfield in an interview with an entertainment news outlet, Collider said that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d be a theologian. “Questions of faith and spirituality, and the mystery of spiritual life, is what I’m drawn to the most.

The show presents a study and a set of circumstances and unpacks the notion of fundamentalism and extremism, and how it undermines the virtues and the goodness that can come from having faith. It’s fascinating. The story is beyond moralistic, and it just lays out the truth without trying to appease and to please.“


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