Britney Spears Wrote Poems But They Mysteriously Disappeared

Last week, Britney Spears declared she was taking a social media hiatus. Her break from her did n’t last too long, though, since yesterday, after about a week since her from her last Instagram post from her, Spears returned to the platform with some new posts. In one of them, she reveals she once had hundreds of pages of poetry written that she was thinking about compiling into a book. However, those poems mysteriously disappeared, which Spears seems to subtly blame on somebody in her inner circle of her.

Spears wrote, “I used to write all the time!!! I had 133 pages…so dumb that I remember…which is actually a lot of poems!!! I had written them in my son’s 5th grade binder that he gave to me … I had an idea to make a book with it and I thought ‘Is this work too personal ???’ I saw a book @kimkardashian did with selfies … at that time I wasn’t in the loop I didn’t even know selfies were in … anyway the 133 pages … well it was by far the best work I had ever done … then I went on tour came back and absolutely all of it was gone… most will say she’s playing the victim but I honestly just say it like it is… yeah that was pretty thin to me and I was pissed so I stopped writing for a very long time … I probably suck and have no idea but I enjoy it … so I do it … it’s so nice to share with you !!!”

The post also includes a new poem from Spears, which reads:

“What would it feel like to feel pretty when I kiss???
Some look around has something been missed???
To take off from the ground feel beautiful and dream
When I was younger … hunger more more more
Too rigid in ways … too scared to just leap
I have so much fear … my anchor, my feet
They planted me down … as I’m finding the floor
Witnessed my head the crown … I needed the door
No escape day after day days turned to years I forgot how to play
Numbered to the core please when I can I go
The blankets that fed the illusion just grows
Don’t fight don’t fight we’ve shown you what we will do
I want so bad to be bad their language too cruel
I take it in sometimes feel insane
Distorted from reality I felt so ashamed
Because when I spoke yeah she’s just crazy
They portrayed me as old and mad, but
maybe to wisen my input resort to math
Numbers are virtues that live in the past
Present be taken a sudden shift
Finding my heart the finest gift
Good morning new day birds will whistle
My eyes look up promise of a pencil
Pencil to hand … mystery stare
Finding my eyes who is this do I dare
Ignite in a box a toil to forgive
A mask I forgot my tongue learns to live.”

While that original poetry book may never surface, Spears did recently confirm she’s writing a tell-all memoir.


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