Remembering school cafeteria rock stars on National School Lunch Hero Day

“Hey! Trash Lady! I got trash.” Sometimes I get, “Hey! Garbage Lady!”

Twenty years ago, I was “Miss Parpos.” Twenty years ago, when I started working in the field of education, I was an elementary school classroom teacher in Boston Public Schools.

Now? Now, I’m a secretary in the Special Education department of an elementary school. And because of a staff shortage that cannot be entirely blamed on COVID, I’m assigned to the permanent position of daily lunch (and recess) coverages.

Do I love “moonlighting” as a Lunch Lady? Well, I don’t love that I do the second job without pay, which, interestingly, the hourly pay for both positions are the same. When lunch coverages are over and I return to my office, does it [being a lunch monitor] make the hustle to get IEPs and other such legal documents processed a little more, hustle-y? Yes, but I’m a team player so I’ll wear both hats.

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