The 10 Best DC Comics Crossover Events, According To Ranker

With hype building around the Geoff Johns written Flashpoint Beyond which is set to release in November this year, fans have been discussing their favorite crossover events since years past. DC is known for epic crossovers, with a multitude of great heroes and villains, bringing legions of them together for scenarios with cosmic or temporal consequences.

Fans on Ranker have voted on their favorites, including recent events as well as some that concluded decades ago, many of which are still referenced frequently today. These storylines are often the reference point for DC’s films, both animated and live action.


10 Death of the Family

Batman Death Of The Family cover art.

Akin in name and concept to the 1988 Batman story A Death in the Familyin which the Joker kills the second Robin, Jason Todd, is Death of the Family, a Batman centric DC event where the Joker hatches a plan to murder some of Batman’s closest friends and allies. The event was one of the earliest of The New 52 revamp.

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Death of the Family is a classic Batman vs Joker tale, which is part of what gained so much popularity. The Joker has a powerful motivation, in that he actually sees his actions from him in the story as helping Batman, further complicating the relationship the two share. Death of the Family also has particularly stellar art, from Greg Capullo.

9 knightfall

Bane breaking Batman's back in Knightfall

The early ’90s saw Superman die and Batman on medical leave, due to the steroid-enhanced behemoth, Bane. the knightfall storyline followed Batman in his path to recovery, whilst the violent Azrael takes over the mantle, unfortunately damaging the Dark Knight’s reputation.

knightfall was the main inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, in which Batman’s back was broken in the same fashion by Bane. The storyline was incredibly popular due to its long term consequences for Batman, and its examination into the psychology of what it means for Batman, in particular in times of failure.

8 Final Crisis

Grant Morrison is one of the main names fans will think of when considering the DC Comics of the early 2000s. The writer was responsible for the 126 issue JLA run in this era, with some remarkably memorable stories which ended up being made into animated films later on. Many of the era’s storylines culminated in Final Crisis in 2008.

Final Crisis resulted in a massive throw down with Darkseid which, for DC fans, is always exciting. The story features many of DC’s main heroes and villains, and is a staple for the intergalactic wars of the DC Universe. The story contains some of the worst acts of villainy in the DC comics canon.

7 Forever Evil

One of the many popular storylines written by Geoff Johns was Forever Evil. Like much of Johns’ work, the storyline is consistently enticing, and features and exciting cast of characters. The story follows Lex Luthor and the Secret Society as they defend Earth from the Crime Syndicate.

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The villains, under the impression that the Justice League are dead, take matters into their own hands to fight back. The saga has lasting effects, including Luthor’s realization of Batman’s identity for him, as well as the early stages of preparation for Darkseid Warin which Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor would face off, concluding the events of the New 52.

6 52

Booster Gold in the 52 comics

Written by the combined forces of greats Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison, the story is essentially the first part of the bridge between Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. The popularity of 52 speaks to the world bending events surrounding it, as it helped keep a consistent flow of important story between 2005 and 2008.

52 Mainly followed characters outside of the main Justice League, such as Booster Gold, Lex Luthor and Elongated Man, showing the effects Infinite Crisis had on many of the universe’s side characters.

5 flash point


flash point was a major hit for the DC Universe, as the time bending adventure allowed for The New 52, ​​Rebirth, and all following events to occur. The storyline, penned by Geoff Johns, was so popular it made its way into Flash TVseries. It will also be the center storyline of the upcoming Flash movie.

The story allowed for some very interesting “what if?” scenarios, such as Thomas Wayne becoming Batman, a war unleashing between Themyscira and Atlantis, all the while Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne have one of their most intense conflicts to date. The storyline was also the basis of the film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

4 The Death of Superman

Death of Superman Comic Book Art

The first of many city destroying brawls that would happen between Superman and Doomsday occurred in The Death of Superman, in which the seemingly unstoppable hateful creature murders Superman in combat. Similar to knightfallthe story is about the fall and rise of the character, and displays the events that would occur in the fallout of the hero’s absence.

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This sort of event with lasting consequences garners a ton of popularity among fans, which explains why it received such a high ranking. The story has been adapted multiple times in films, including 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showing the lasting legacy of the iconic event.

3 Infinite Crisis

The Trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman in Infinite Crisis cover art

A sequel to the endlessly popular Crisis on Infinite Earths was Infinite Crisis. Like with the former, Infinite Crisis is a universe and time bending storyline with lasting alterations and consequences. The story surrounds characters from the fallout of Crisis on Infinite Earthssuch as Kal L, Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime.

The events unfold into a massive war between heroes and villains taking place in Metropolois, and the events result in major repercussions for the main trinity of DC, as well as their close friends and League members.

two Blackest Night

Green Lantern holds his ring as dark zombies gather behind him in Blackest Night.

The most popular storyline written by writer Geoff Johns is Blackest Night. The Green Lantern centric storyline brings many of the other Lantern Corps into the fold for a major battle against the Black Lantern Corps. The war between the Corps extends to many of Earth’s heroes, as they are brought in with the powers of lantern rings to aid in the fight.

The cosmic storyline results in many known characters, including Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Firestorm succumbing to the Black Lantern Corps and being forced to fight against the hero friends. Blackest Night is one of the most emotional DC Comics storylines, making it no surprise it’s ranked so high.

one Crisis on Infinite Earths

Many DC heroes unite in Crisis On Infinite Earths comic.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the penultimate event, as it exists on the largest scale and with larger consequences that are extremely difficult to top. The book is massive, compared to many of the others, and is jam packed with incredible moments that would define generations of comic writing.

The repercussions of Crisis on Infinite Earths continue to be expanded upon to this day, even though it’s been 37 years since it was published in 1985. The series was recently adapted for the first time in the arrowversewhere many of the shows heroes banded together to face off against the Anti Monitor.

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Split image: Aqualad and Punchline in the pages of DC Comics.

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