All MCU Characters Moon Knight Has Fought In The Comics

With the exciting end to the first season of Disney +’s Moon Knight, the question of how Khonshu’s avatar will fit into the greater MCU is still hanging in the air. While the show focuses heavily on the conflict between Khnoshu and Ammit, the comics have shown Moon Knight go up against his fair share of heroes and villains alike in the Marvel Universe.

Now officially a part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no reason to believe Moon Knight wouldn’t have some of the same fights with MCU characters as he did in the comics.


8 Black Panther

The Panther God Bast vs. the Moon God Khonshu; Avengers (2018) #36 saw Black Panther and Moon Knight go toe-to-toe in a matchup for the ages. Under the impression that T’Challa is under the control of Mephisto, Moon Knight fights Black Panther in a one-sided fight that leaves Marc brutally beaten.

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While the causes of this fight definitely leave room for speculation, seeing the power of both respective gods in the fight between Black Panther and Moon Knight gave fans a matchup they never knew they wanted.

7 task master

The only MCU villain Moon Knight has faced off against in the comics, Taskmaster faced off against The Fist of Khonsu in Moon Knight (2006) #6. After trading blows, Moon Knight would eventually defeat Taskmaster, leaving him cowering in fear and begging for his life from him.

Making a cold-blooded villain such as Taskmaster tremble in fear made Moon stand out as one of the most intimidating and scariest superheroes in all of Marvel. It’s no wonder why many consider this fight to be one of Moon Knight’s best moments.

6 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Comics Powers

“The Age of Konshu” story arc saw Moon Knight go up against (and beat) many of Marvel’s strongest heroes, but perhaps the strongest of these was Carol Danvers in Avengers (2018) #35. Using the powers of Ghost Rider and the element of surprise, Moon Knight was able to capture Captain Marvel in a brief encounter.

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If that feat wasn’t impressive enough, after freeing herself from captivity, Captain Marvel chooses to run away from Moon Knight rather than face him. Seeing one of the strongest characters in all of Marvel comics on the run from Moon Knight showed readers just how formidable the avatar of Khonshu could be.

5 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange flies in Marvel Comics.

While these two charters seem completely unrelated, they actually face off in Avengers (2018)#33. Using an army of mummies conjured by moon wizards to get the jump on the Sorcerer Supreme, Moon Knight punches Dr. Strange and then even steals his powers from him.

While fans debate to this day whether or not his victory over Dr. Strange counts due to the aid of the moon wizards, there’s no arguing the fact that Moon Knight has some powerful abilities, resources, and bravado to take on the likes of the Sorcerer Supreme himself.

4 Black Knight

Marvel Comics Black Knight Savage Avengers

While fans haven’t seen Black Knight in action in the MCU just yet, the West Coast Avengers Annual #2 saw Black Knight go up against Moon Knight in a battle of Marvel’s two best comic heroes. In a fight where Black Knight cut through trees as if they were made of butter and Moon Knight uses weapons gifted to him by Hawkeye, Moon Knight defeats Black Knight after he is seemingly stabbed through the chest.

While the fight was a bit corny at times, seeing these two knights duke it out was a pleasant surprise for fans, and there’s no reason to believe that a fight between these two in the MCU wouldn’t be just as exciting.

3 Daredevil

Daredevil from Marvel Comics.

In Moon Knight #13, Daredevil and Moon Knight face off in a quick battle before eventually teaming up. The fight culminates when Moon Knight uses loud noises to distort Daredevil before using his own billy club against him to win the fight.

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Although the fight was very brief, seeing the clash between two very similar comic book heroes was all readers needed to fall in love with these two characters on the pages together and would lead to Daredevil becoming one of Moon Knight’s closest allies in comics.

two spider-man

Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Comic

Moon Knight dukes it out with Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #80 after believing the web-slinger is responsible for a destructive explosion. This fight featured classic Peter Parker banter mixed with Moon Knights brooding quotes that ended with Spider-Man realizing he can just flee the battle.

This proved to be one of Moon Knight’s most unexpected and surprisingly funny fights ever and stands out as one of the earliest times fans saw Moon Knight face off against more popular comic book characters.

one Thor

Thor Mjolnir Hammer Thunder Lightning Comic

Perhaps the strongest character Moon Knight has ever gone up against, Thor and Moon Knight face off in Avengers (2018) #33. Much to Thor’s surprise, Moon Knight reveals that Mjolnir is essentially made out of moon rock and then repeatedly hits Thor with his own hammer before using moons to crush the God of Thunder.

While the fact that Moon Knight would even challenge Thor was surprising for fans enough, seeing Knonshu’s avatar use Mjolnir showed that Moon Knight was on a whole other level. Absolutely humiliating Thor with his own hammer, this fight shows just how fearsome a foe Moon Knight could be.

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