Ken Jeong Really Loves Mike Myers, And If You Don’t Believe Me, Read These Quotes About His Pentaverate Co-Star

For the first time since exiting Saturday night Live in 1995, comedic actor Mike Myers is once again a TV star, so to speak, with the release of his new Netflix series The Pentaverate, a delightfully absurd story of local journalists, secret organizations and a growing trust in conspiracy theories. Myers portrays a variety of characters within the show’s universe, with a smattering of excellent co-stars filling out the roles that the Wayne’s World vet didn’t take on, including the always exuberant Ken Jeong. the Masked Singer host just so happens to be a superfan of Myers, and told CinemaBlend that being part of The Pentaverate amounted to one of the best experiences of his professional career.

Without getting bogged down with spoilery details, suffice to say Ken Jeong plays a casino-owning mogul named Skip Cho, whose knowledge about chaos theory is almost as expansive as his adoration of powdered stimulants. The role allowed Jeong to share quite a few scenes with Mike Myers throughout the six-episode stretch — which is largely the case for everyone, considering how many characters Myers played — and when CinemaBlend spoke to Jeong and fellow co-star Debi Mazar ahead of The Pentaverate‘s release, the Community see was overflowing with praise and adoration for the comedy series’ creator. In his words of him:

Honestly, this is one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever done because I’ve just grown up idolizing him. He’s one of the reasons why I got into comedy. I’d seen Austin Powers 2 in theaters, like, by myself multiple times. I just know his work from him so well. I really just wanted to watch-more than me, more than for myself-I really just wanted to watch his process by him. I was just obsessed with how he does it, and I’ve always been obsessed with how he does it, and I got to see it firsthand. He’s a unicorn. He’s this once-in-a-lifetime talent.

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