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THE EIGHTY-YEAR-OLD SORORITY GIRLS by robin benoit is a tribute to sisterhood, Alzheimer’s care/awareness, and lifelong friendships.

DALLAS, May 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Golden Girls meets Steel Magnolias in Robin Benoit’s debut women’s fiction, The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls (Brown Books Publishing; on sale: May 3, 2022). In this story, four women exemplify how the bonds of sisterhood can sustain through the hardest of times, regardless of age. It delicately addresses Alzheimer’s disease as the women champion their dear friend who is diagnosed with it. Benoit’s novel, at its core, spreads the message that life, friendship, and fun don’t end when the college days do — they are only just beginning.


As a group of eighty-something girlfriends deals with the mental decline of their sorority sister, they reconnect with their college sorority, advise their grandchildren, find new lives for themselves and continue to stay the closest of friends. Vivian, nicknamed “Button,” is an Alzheimer’s patient who adores her sorority group, Helen rediscovers love at age eighty-one, Ida’s crazy side comes out during football season and Laney is the “big sister” in charge of baking for the group. These three women consistently show up for Vivian as her mental health deteriorates—because that is what sisters do. As they discover a new way of life, they find they would rather take “the road less traveled,” just as they did in their college days.

Praise for The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls:

“I love books that represent the values ​​of female friendships and supporting one another. The way these women show up for each other is truly inspiring.”

—Pat Mitchell, Co-Founder and Curator of TEDWomen and Author of Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World

“The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls is a heartfelt book that will inspire women of all ages to stop, pause and reflect on one’s life journey… to embrace it with open arms and reminiscence the friendships and the opportunities they have experienced. robin benoit you have provided a beautiful collection of magical and memorable moments that will bring laughter and smiles of joy, and tears of love and compassion. Page by page and chapter by chapter, The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls is a must read as one’s life comes full circle. Don’t let it pass you by… enjoy, and thank you to our author and storyteller robin benoit.”

—Deborah S. Phelps, Executive Director of the Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc. and Author of A Mother for All Seasons: A Memoir

Robin Benoit’s touching story is a celebration of the enduring bonds of sisterhood. Whether you are 18 or 80 years young, women need women in their lives, and this book is a beautiful testament to that.”

—TJ Condon, President of Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation and Award-Winning Author of Some Assembly Required: A True Story of Love and Organ Transplants

“I think fans of Steel Magnolias will love this book! I recommend it wholeheartedly!”

—Carey Conley, Co-Author of Keep Looking Up and Co-Founder of Infinite Nation™ Community

“I find this a truly endearing book, and the style of writing conveys just that message. I recommend this book for all women to enjoy. We all need our tribe, our pride and to think about our special relationships and their lifetime impact personally and on future generations.”

—Robin White Fanning, President of Phi Mu Foundation

robin benoit You have written a heart-warming story that celebrates the bonds of friends, family and sisterhood. This is a beautifully crafted novel complete with memorable characters, witty dialogue and a compelling narrative about lifelong friends in their golden years.”

—Kristina Seek, Author of The Hashtag Hunt

“This is a heart-warming book that redefines the bonds of sisterhood and the sorority experience beyond the formative years of adolescence. All women can embrace this unique story that celebrates friendship and be inspired that life-long relationships persist despite the challenges of adulthood. “

—Erica D’Angelo OchsFraternity Vice President at Kappa Alpha Theta and Vice President Americas at NNG LLC

“The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls was so easy to fall into and enjoy. Robin Benoit’s story features some of the best female characters I’ve encountered. She brings her characters to life with humor and grace. They are lovable and believable, and I was invested from the start. Sorority sister or not, this book is an incredible portrayal of sisterhood and friendship that will warm your heart.”

—Kelin Kushin, Chief Business Development Officer at Vivid Vision


Robin has served in officer positions for her sorority and Alumnae Panhellenic. She has said for many years that Thanksgiving at her home de ella could be considered a Panhellenic meeting with the different sororities represented in her family de ella. She graduated from college in 1985 with a degree in journalism/public relations. She believes it was her sorority experience de ella which led her to a career in public relations/community relations with non-profit agencies and corporations because she wanted her work de ella to be meaningful and helpful to others. That desire to make a difference led her to become a writer. Robin is now a three-time author with two previous books under her belt. She wrote her first book de ella in 2010 following the amazing success of her daughter de ella Jillian’s vision therapy treatment. Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life, and second book co-written with her daughter de ella in 2014, Dear Jillian: Vision Therapy Changed My Life Too, are found in many optometry offices around the world.

The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls is her foray into fiction writing, but it, too, grew from a desire to share her personal perspective of loving someone with Alzheimer’s. Ella’s mother, June, passed away in 2017 after struggling with the disease for several years. This story also blossomed into one about sorority sisterhood thanks to the examples of many special sisters in Robin’s life of her. One constant thread these sisters shared was their belief that they were sorority girls at heart no matter their age, thus the title of this book.

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