Looking for a lucrative side hustle? Self-publish your book on Amazon

Potentially supplement your income to the tune of six figures

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Back in the old days, and we’re talking pre-1998 which in this technological age may be considered prehistoric, there were no e-readers. In that year, the Rocket eBook was launched, creating a whole new way to enjoy the written word. Fast forward roughly 10 years and say hello to Amazon Kindle, reputedly the best e-reader to this day. Statista now estimates that revenues for e-books are projected to reach over $15 billion USD in 2021. How would you like to have a slice of that pie by publishing your own piece of literature?

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While you may have always fancied yourself a writer, up until now, your prose, poems or manuscripts — wherever your keyboard may have taken you — have only been read by you, and maybe your friends and family. Now it’s easier than ever to self-publish and make more than a few bucks on the side. In fact, it could be a side hustle that could turn you into a millionaire.

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It’s true that publishing your book on a platform such as Amazon could be as easy as pressing the send button with programs such as the free-to-use Kindle Direct Publishing. And, it is also a fact that you can earn up to 70 per cent royalties on said book. However, be aware that there is so much more to it than that.

This Complete 2021 Self-Publish Your Book Bundle offers 28 hours of content on publishing and selling your own literary masterpieces. It will guide you through the writing process itself, teach you how to create compelling imagery and engaging websites, expose you to multiple ways of turning your existing content into income streams, introduce you to the secrets of successful authors, present you with tricks of the trade and the essential must-knows to be the next sought-after self-publisher, and so much more. Taught by highly rated and seasoned instructors including David James Ault, a published author and online marketer, and Kristen Palana, a professor and award-winning artist, the course offers unlimited access to 354 lessons within 13 courses.

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So while we can’t guarantee you’re going to make millions, having a good understanding of the process and a strong base of what constitutes a compelling piece of work will give you a good start into turning your passion into a lucrative undertaking. Offered at $48.99, this course could help you take your writing career to the next level.

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