Wonder Woman’s Amazons Are Headed To Outer Space in DC Comics

Nubia: Coronation Special unveils Queen Nubia’s past as well as her future, as DC Comics reveals that sometime soon the Amazons will travel the stars.

Warning: Spoilers for Nubia: Coronation Special #1 ahead!

It has been revealed by DC Comicsin the pages of Nubia: Coronation Special #1that Wonder Woman’s Amazons, led by the newly crowned nubian queen, will venture into space for the first time in the not-so-distant future. the Coronation Special unveils a beautiful story of Queen Nubia bringing the tough lessons she has learned over her long, hard life to a far flung planet, showing how bravery and growth can transcend the stars.

While Wonder Woman, perhaps the most famous Amazon at DC Comics, has traveled to space many times with the Justice League, no representatives of the Amazons of Earth have traversed the galaxy in the name of the Amazons. With Themyscira just opening up their borders to regular humans of Man’s World for the first time in their centuries long history, it is encouraging to know that this policy will continue, and allow the Amazons values ​​and principles to ascend into the universe.


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Nubia: Coronation Special #1 – written by the already iconic Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala with a whole crew of talented artists like Alitha Martinez, Becky Cloonan, and Clayton Henry – is a beautiful tribute to the character of Nubia, acknowledging her earlier stories at DC Comics, unveiling her past for the first time, and honoring her ascension to becoming Queen Nubia. Nubia is the first Queen to unite all three tribes of Amazons, those of Themyscira, Bana-Mighdall, and Esquecida, after the tumultuous events of Trial of the Amazons. Nubia’s status of her as the former guard of Doom’s Doorway, her journeys into Man’s World, and her close relationship with Diana and Hippolyta all made her the perfect person to become the first united Queen. Much of Nubia’s recent journey de ella through Nubia & the Amazons has been about her reckoning with her origins, much of which she does not remember, and learning that “greatness can come from accepting truth’s from one’s past.” In a future sequence, gorgeously painted in watercolors, Queen Nubia has traveled to the Planet Eireni (seemingly named after Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace), to help them overcome a great struggle for power.

In a history similar to that of the three warring Amazon tribes, there were two tribes on the Planet Eirene that were locked in a perpetual struggle for control of the world, and apparently it was Queen Nubia’s intervention several years prior that stopped the complete destruction of their planet. Now Queen Nubia is an honored guest, celebrating the first royal child born to parents of each tribe, and it seems as though this is something Nubia and her space-faring Amazons have been doing all over the galaxy. Queen Nubia later reflects that it was the uniting of the three tribes of Amazons that, “…allowed us to help others in ways we never could have before,” proving how important the unification of the tribes were, not just to them, but to the entire universe. While Themyscira has been portrayed in the DCEU movies as a land that resembles a world of Ancient Greece, Paradise Island in the comics has always been shown to be an incredibly technologically advanced utopia, so it makes perfect sense that the only thing stopping the Amazons from traveling into space was their own sense of preferred isolation and perceived safety at remaining insular.

Wonder Woman originally left Themyscira because she wanted to bring the peace that Paradise Island knew to the horrifying and violent realm of Man’s World, and it is beautiful to see that Queen Nubia’s uniting of the three Amazon tribes has now allowed the Amazons to bring their lessons of peace throughout the entire galaxy. Make sure to check out the Nubia: Coronation Special #one to see how nubian queen and the Amazons travel the DC Comics universe, spreading their hard-learned lessons in humility, peace, and harmony.

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Nubia: Coronation Special #one is available from DC Comics now.

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