9 Comic Characters You Didn’t Know Were In The MCU

The MCU is constantly growing in characters with multiple leading in a Disney+ series much like Moon Knight and making appearances in movies such as Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Even in minor roles, Marvel continues to take from the comics characters that seem unfamiliar within the MCU.

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Heroes or villains, some characters have appeared in the MCU in small roles that have gone unnoticed. Some characters had made their presents felt but have yet to become who they are in the comics.

Bertrand Crawley

Shaun Scott as Crawley in Moon Knight

Marvel Studios have changed Moon Knight a good bit from the comic, such as changing Steven Grant’s billionaire character into a British museum worker. Marvel captured every Moon Knight character that appeared in comics including Steven’s best friend Bertrand Crawley.


Bertrand Crawley was changed in the show as in the comics he was a homeless man and informant for Moon Knight. The show changed the character to a human statue whom Steven talks about his problems with him. A smart move on the showrunners’ part as Steven would talk to the Khonshu statue in the comics.

Dr Helen Cho

Helen Cho in Avengers Age Of Ultron

A small but important character in Avengers: Age of Ultron as she was the scientist that helped gave vision life. She is not a hero herself but is the mother of Amadeus Cho.

Like his mother, Amadeus is a genius in science mastering his skills as both the hulk and the Iron Spider. Although there was no mention of her having a son, if she were to return with one of her it would leave fans with something to look forward to in future movies.

Madam Mask

Madame Masque Infinite Bazaar

In the comics, Madam Masque is another villain created by Tony Stark as a result of a failed criminal heist. However, within the MCU, there is no connection between her and Tony as she can be seen in Agent Carter as a different character from the comics.

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In the comics, Madame Masque was the head of a crime family and relied on athletic and mental ability. The show of her made her more unique by giving her the power to absorb others into her skin of her. Without her de ella’s iconic golden mask, knowledgable comic audiences could be forgiven for not recognizing her de ella in the short-lived ABC series.


Samuel Sterns aka The Leader in The Incredible Hulk

One of She-Hulk’s most powerful villains, the Leader’s intellect serves for a great battle of brains vs brawn that can match her and any of the Hulks. Samuel Sterns’s evil awakening as the Leader was teased in the incredible-hulk movie as he was last seen on the floor with his brain growing due to radiation.

This character hasn’t been seen or heard since he tried to help Bruce Banner. A tie-in comic revealed that he is in the custody of SHIELD, mainly thanks to Black Widow. If Marvel ever needs an already established villain, then they can always call upon this character in future movies or series.


Scorpion in Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man is a hero with Marvel’s strongest rogue’s gallery to the point that when a movie is made, not all of the villains will get the same amount of attention. Only eagle-eyed viewers who recognize the sinister look and tattoos of actor Michael Mando as the villain Scorpion.

Hardcore fans may have known he was in the MCU but forgot as he has appeared in anything but a cameo. The man with the mechanical acid tail hasn’t been seen since the end credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Since then, other villains have taken his place in sequels including returning villains from previous incarnations of Spider-Man.


Mockingbird Adrianne Palicki

fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will remember an agent in the earlier seasons known as Mockingbird, AKA Bobbi Morse. In the show, Mockingbird left with her husband Ella Hunter as they were supposed to get a spinoff series that never came through. As a result, Mockingbird is a character from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that needs to return to the MCU.

However, at the end of hawk eye sees Bart getting his wife, Laura, a special watch back, which seemed to nod at her being the MCU’s Mockingbird. If this is the case, then either Mockingbird is a codename that is passed down to agents or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes place within the multiverse separate from the main MCU continuity.

The Original Human Torch

Inside the Stark Expo in Captain America: The First Avenger, Audiences can see a container that holds a nod to the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. Not to be confused with the Johnny Storm, who is the more well-known Human Torch, this character is an android with photoelectric solar cells that when combined with oxygen, burst into flames.

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Although fans got to see Captain America fighting in the war, the same couldn’t be said for Human Torch, who fought with the Captain in comics. However, it’s possible that the character could appear in a new context, especially with a fourth Captain America movie in the works.

Daniel Drumm

Dr. Strange introduced the essential rules about magic in the MCU by virtue of being the first solo magical character to get the focus of an MCU movie. However, one character that made a brief yet tragic cameo in the 2016 films is Daniel Drumm, who comic fans would know as Doctor Vodoo. In the film, Daniel was the former guardian of the New York Sanctum who was unceremoniously murdered.

Daniel Drumm is the brother of Jericho Drumm, a powerful magic user who would take the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. As Daniel was killed in the movie, it sets up the introduction of Jericho as his powers are fueled through the spirit of his late brother.


Spider-Man villain The Hobgoblin

Many fans of Spider-Man fans would say that Peter Parker’s best friend would be Harry Osborn. With this being shown through Sony movies multiple times, the MCU changed his best friend from him to Ned Leads.

In the comics, Ned would be a character that would take on the persona of the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin would be considered an improved version of the Green Goblin with stronger strength and agility and more weaponry. Although we never get to see Ned become the Hobgoblin, it is interesting to see how much Marvel would change their characters to give them a place in the MCU.

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