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RAPID CITY — She calls it “dark fantasy.”

Alana Wells of Rapid City appears to be a quiet, normal woman with a job at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and a home nestled in the rolling hills outside Rapid City. She is a veteran, has a daughter in college in Florida and a positive outlook on life.

But her imagination is, well, exceptional. And dark. Very dark.

Wells, 56, is a fantasy writer and the author of “The Reaping” and “The Awakening.”

She was born in Milwaukee, Wis., and spent 24 years traveling the world for the United States Air Force. After falling for the haunting beauty of the Black Hills, she retired to South Dakota with her family and five pets.

Wells created her own publishing company, Xiere’s Dominion Publishing, in hopes to publish other fantasy authors someday. Her work on the “Gods and Guardians Chronicles” began 30 years ago and is the passion which fills her soul.

Wells said there is a growing audience for these kinds of books, and she hopes to provide it with stories that she creates from her Black Hills home. It’s a comfortable, quiet place where tales of terror and images from her imagination take wing.

She has crafted a series called the “Gods and Guardians Chronicles.” Book 1 begins with a girl who is tortured by demons until she learns magic and discovers her part of her to play in the grand scheme of things. Book 2 continues her tale of her. As her magic de ella is slowly disappearing, a powerful creature with godlike powers named Xiere enters her life de ella. Along with the Angel Lucifer, the two of them make plans to wreak havoc on the world.

“This is dark fantasy, fantasy with elements of horror,” Wells said. “The story has dragons, demons, betrayal and an epic battle. Nadia is Katrianna reborn in human form and the hero of the book. She is opposed by Xiere, her ultimate enemy. He is a powerful ancient entity who desires nothing but power.”

She said the stories seem to move through her of their own will.

“The stories write themselves in a sense. When I sit down to write, ideas simply flow,” Wells said. “Dreams are also a source of inspiration. I develop my plot lines in the shower.”

How does she describe them?

“Mostly fantasy. I like stories with amazing back stories, interesting detail and good dialogue,” she said. “I enjoy becoming lost in a book and losing all track of time.”

Andrzej Sapkowski, Stephen King, William Shakespeare and JRR Tolkien are among their favorite authors.

Wells said she enjoys fantasy movies and TV shows.

“I watch anything Marvel,” she said. “I love ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘The Witcher,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ etc. I read mostly non-fiction books at the moment but when I do read I like the ‘Witcher’ books, ‘Wheel of Time’ and the ‘Shannara Chronicles Series.’

Seeing her stories made into TV shows or movies would be a dark dream come true.

“Yes, I think it would be fantastic to see the stories come to life,” Wells said. “I think people would really enjoy them in either format.”

Her target audience is adults who love fantasy. “The Reaping” begins fairly mildly, but the books become more graphic, Wells said. It’s a weird, wild world and she is willing to go to extremes as the author.

All this seems incredible for such a normal-appearing woman. But Wells is drawn to create these stories—and she believes in the supernatural.

“Absolutely!” Wells said. “I’ve lived in houses that were haunted, which was both terrifying and intriguing.”

You can order the books either through Amazon or her website, and she will sign all copies ordered from

“Nadia was happy… until it came… when darkness infected their lives. Her whole life changed when she turned ten. Shadows and whispers crept close to her as she was playing with her dolls de ella. It told her things…bad things. It made her feel hopeless and dead inside which was ironic since her name meant ‘hope’. The assaults usually came at night. She would have horrific nightmares and often awoke screaming.

The nightmares weren’t the worst part though. The worst part was opening her eyes de ella and seeing the tall, shadow man standing at the end of her bed. She could n’t see her face except for her eyes… eyes that glittered red. It never said anything, but on occasion, it would laugh at her. The sound of its gravelly voice sent her chills down her spine.

Nadia was so terrified she couldn’t move. He always disappeared when her parents burst through the door. They continually dismissed her fears of her as bad dreams. Her parents of her expressed their concern for her fears of her, but they could not fathom what was happening. They didn’t know why … and Nadia couldn’t tell them. She tried to tell them once when she was 11, but it only made the situation worse. They whisked her to the doctor, worried there was something wrong with her brain. The doctor told her parents that she was hallucinating and if the situation became worse, he would put her on medicine. Nadia knew there was nothing wrong with her. What she was seeing was real. She knew what was haunting her. It was a demon.”

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