The 10 Most Romantic Comic Books, Ranked

Although comic books are now mostly associated with superheroes, there was a time when romance titles dominated the marketplace. In the late 1940s, Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby invented the romance comic book with YoungRomanceand it took off from there.

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While the genre hasn’t regained the dominance it had in the 1950s, however, there are plenty of romance-centric comics for readers to enjoy that have been released over the many decades of comics, from strips to books to webcomics. These are the best of them.


10 I (Heart) Marvel

I Heart Marvel comics

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2006, Marvel Comics released a series of connected one-shot comic books featuring some of their most iconic characters, such as Spider-Man and Wolverine. Stylized with a heart symbol, they were event comics of a different sort.

Spider-Man’s love interests in the comics are plenty, so it’s no surprise his is one of the best. Still, the novelty of getting to see famous Marvel characters experience or reflect on love is heartwarming across the board, and a different flavor from what is normally seen in the comics.

9 sweet romance

Fresh Romance comic

sweet romance is an anthology series which began publication in 2015 and features a diverse portrayal of love and sexuality which is sure to interest an equally diverse reader base. Several comic creators are involved with the series, which also keeps the voice fresh, not pun intended.

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The other benefit of the anthology format is that readers don’t need to concern themselves with keeping up with a release schedule or collecting the entire series. For those interested, look into the offered collections to find which ones speak most to you.

8 blonde

Blondie and Dagwood comic

A newspaper comic strip that became a media sensation by the mid-20th century, blonde was originally created by Chic Young all the way back in 1930, and is still printing new strips today thanks to the involvement of Chic’s son, Dean, who took over after his father passed away in 1973.

The strip focuses on the eponymous Blondie, her husband Dagwood, and the family, friends, and co-workers. While it focuses on daily life, the strip’s depiction of Blondie and Dagwood’s relationship is endearing and romantic in the way long-married couples often are.

7 100%

100% comic cover

100% was a six-issue limited series published by the now-defunct DC Comics imprint Vertigo between 2002 and 2003. Although not regarded as one of the best Vertigo comics series, 100% is definitely an underrated gem worth checking out even forgetting the romance angle.

The manga-influenced series follows a group of six people living in the year 2038 and the romantic entanglements of their lives. It may not be the first choice for Valentine’s Day, but it depicts the complex nature of love and connection in a cyberpunk-style world, and does so incredibly well.

6 Blankets

A man and a woman embrace in the snow in Blankets.

This richly-woven graphic novel memoir is about how its author, Craig Thompson, grew to leave the faith in which he was raised. That development, however, comes about due to his relationship with a girl named Raina, and the conflict he feels between his heart and his religion.

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Don’t go into this one expecting a swoon-worthy story about two young adults in love. Instead, expect to get a grounded tale about the development of a romance, and, even more, about how often life takes people in unexpected directions.

5 Saga

Saga comic book cover.

One of the best comic books of all time, Saga is a sprawling epic about two parents trying to escape a galaxy-wide war between their two species, all while trying to raise their daughter, Hazel. Although there are plenty of themes to the series, romance is a big one.

Like sweet romance, Saga depicts a diverse cast when it comes to sexuality and even gender identity, which is great. However, the core romance between parents Marko and Alana is not only what drives the narrative, but what keeps the story grounded, relatable, and lovable.

4 Scott Pilgrim

Scott suddenly realizing something very important

The comic book series which inspired the iconic cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs. the Worldthe Scott Pilgrim series is pretty faithfully adapted by the movie, so anyone who has seen it generally knows what they’re going to get with the graphic novels.

Basically, after Scott Pilgrim falls in love with Ramona Flowers, he has to defeat her seven evil exes before he can date her without interference. It’s a modern take on a knight’s journey, in essence, but its charming quirkiness sets it far afield from most other comics, although there are some comic books like Scott Pilgrim out there.

3 sleepless

sleepless comic cover

The fantasy comic book series sleepless was created by one of sweet romance‘s writers, Sarah Vaughn, after the latter series debuted, with sleepless published by Image Comics from 2017 to 2019. It follows a forbidden love story between a princess and her guard.

The book is titled sleepless because the guard doesn’t need to sleep thanks to a magic spell, allowing him to always be vigilant. The art is impressive, and the story is a surefire hit for anyone who enjoys when the fantasy and romance genres mix.

two Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus

Of course, webcomics are a whole medium unto themselves, allowing for small creators to potentially reach millions of readers without having to publish traditionally at all, and that’s exactly how Lore Olympus became a crowning success for New Zealand artist Rachel Smythe.

Although set in the modern day, the story follows the relationship between the Greek gods Persephone and Hades. Most of the major Greek pantheon makes at least an appearance in the comic, though often the roles are larger than that. It’s intriguing, thrilling, and yet still romantic.

one heart stopper

Heartstopper comic book cover

The best romance comic book, however, has to be Alice Osman’s heart stopper graphic novel series, which was recently adapted into a Netflix TV show. Focusing mainly on the burgeoning romance between Charlie and Nick, the books also take time to develop the side characters into their own personalities.

The books themselves are absolutely incredible and endearing, so it’s no wonder they made for such a popular new series. For fans of romance, comics, LGBTQ+ stories, or just great coming-of-age narratives, these are a great choice.

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