10 best zombie comics explored

There’s no doubt that zombies are a big part of pop culture. The mythology has evolved over recent decades. The undead drones were always imagined as slow-moving, brain-eating creatures that decayed over time. While brain-eating remains a part of their mythos, slow-moving has seen some changes.

They continue to be a fan favorite topic to read. So much so that they’ve found their way into literary classics like Pride and Prejudice. When dealing with superpowers and aliens, it’s only natural for a writer to gravitate toward the undead. As fans of the zombie genre, these 10 should be on your read list:

Best zombie comics to get your hands on

The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes fighting off a horde of the undead (Image via Skybound Entertainment)Watson and Holmes (Image via DC Comics)Hal Jordan (Image via DC Comics)Deadworld (Image via IDW Comics)Zombie versions of Marvel heroes (Image via Marvel Comics)Em with a Glowing Man (Image via Image Comics)Superman fighting the undead(Image via DC Comics)The Living Dead on a bridge (Image via Avatar Press)A robot fights a horde of flesh-eaters(Image via Image Comics)Gwen digging grave (Image via DC Comics)


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