10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Arachnid

Sony is diving back into its roster of usable characters as it continues to develop its own SpiderVerse. El Muerto is the latest choice which may have caught fans by surprise considering his limited comic book coverage of him, but there are plenty more Spider-Man characters hailing from Mexico, including the Variant known as Arácnido Jr.

The character could be the perfect vigilante to build upon for Sony, who are clearly looking for those heroes and villains who haven’t had a lot of play on screen yet. If there were to be an adaptation of Arachnido Jr, these specific details would surely influence the portrayal of the webhead and his overall arc of him.


10 Mystery Identity

Arachnid Jr gets ready to attack in the comics

No one knows who’s under the mask of Arachnido Jr. While he supposedly has the same name as his father and therefore is often just known as Junior, his real name has continued to be a mystery. That’s incredibly interesting from a thematic perspective when compared to Peter Parker.

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Arachnid itself is more of a title and translates to Arachnid. Obviously, the role of Spider-Man is often utilized in order to protect the most important people in someone’s life, with their identity hidden from the world. It’s somewhat ironic that for Arachnido Jr. that means even hiding their appearance and name from the readers themselves.

9 Son Of A Fighter

Arachnid Wrestler

Much like El Muerto’s origin story, Arachnido Jr. also comes from a wrestling background. His father of him, who went by the same title within the squared circle, was a fighter in Mexico. He was incredibly talented and considered to be a star; Arachnid Jr. looked up to his father and his immense gifts from him.

While it seems that Junior himself never got involved in the pro-wrestling industry, his skills in the field have often reflected some of the well-known moves of the sport. It gives his combat style a unique edge that could translate well to the big screen in a visually stunning way.

8 A Fixed Match

scorpion and arachnid in spider-verse 2

Wrestling’s outcomes are usually pre-determined, but that never stopped Junior’s father from putting on a fantastic show. However, a formidable villain in the Spider-Man universe, known as Scorpion was involved in a very specific fix that targeted Mr. Spider.

Scorpion was paid off by a mob boss to severely injure the wrestler star. The antagonist would cripple the fighter in front of his son, never letting up on his brutal attacks from him. It would mark the end of the wrestler’s career as he is taken to hospital at the end of the battle.

7 Scorpion Is The Catalyst

Arachnid and his father

Scorpion is very much the catalyst for Arachnid Jr. becoming a hero. Senior would die after the fight and this would open up a rage within Arachnid who of course held Scorpion responsible for the loss. But Junior was more intelligent than that, learning that the foe was really only the middle-man.

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Two years would pass before Arácnido Jr. would return to the world as a hero, but his turn as a vigilante was as a direct result of what he saw that day. He carried the same name as his father of him to honor him and remind Scorpion that the spider still lives; he should be very afraid. It’s a classic origin story and one that could easily be utilized on screen.

6 Unknown Origins

The time gap that took place in the comics, between the death of Junior’s father and his comeback as a vigilante forced a lot of details regarding his origins to be omitted. Ultimately, it’s never revealed how Arachnid Jr. actually gained his powers from him, which he would use in battle.

Perhaps they were inherited from his father, he may have held back his gifts to protect his opponents. Maybe he was bitten by a radioactive spider much like Peter Parker, or it’s even possible that just like El Muerto, it’s the mask that blesses the wearer. If Sony was to ever adapt the non-MCU character into their SpiderVerse they would need to decide on an explanation for his abilities from him.

5 A Tale Of Vengence

Web of Arachnid

Vengence is naturally the first thing on Junior’s mind when returning to protect Mexico City with his newfound gifts. It was n’t Scorpion, who caused his father’s death from him, that Arachnid wanted to first hunt down though. It was the criminal thugs who paid him off to begin with who he needed justice from.

That’s an interesting wrinkle in the narrative as Arachnid clearly understands the importance of protecting others by taking out the top dog. It’s the first mission that readers see him embark on, as he saves the kidnapped daughter of another star, this time an influential actor.

4 abilities

Peter Parker and Miles Morales agree to share power

As the hero of Mexico City, Arachnido Jr. requires a range of abilities that give him the edge against the criminal underworld. His years of watching his father wrestle might have taught him some unique moves, but his mystery origins gifted him with almost the exact same abilities as Peter Parker.

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From the spider-sense to the wall-crawling, the super strength to the invulnerability, even the web-slinging translated to the character. The key difference between this iteration of the character and the Spider-Man Variant from Earth-616 is that Junior can actually create organic web-fluid, rather than using manmade web-shooters.

3 Costume

Arachnid Jr.’s costume is an intriguing combination of several elements. For starters, it’s inspired hugely by his father’s own wrestling gear, which he took samples from including copying that sacred mask. From the perspective of the Marvel artists themselves, it also pays tribute to Spidey’s traditional look on him.

It includes the reds and blue that are usually associated with the character, but rather than a web pattern, it uses imagery associated with the natural markings of some spiders. It’s bright and colorful, shouting that this character means danger for anyone that crosses them. It’s an original take on a familiar design and one that would look gorgeous on screen.

two spider-army

Spider-Gwen leading an army of Spider-People into battle in Spider-Geddon

One of the most compelling stories within the comics in recent years involved Spider-Man’s exploration of the Multiverse. Usually referred to as the SpiderVerse, plenty of Variants of the titular webhead were brought together in a Spider-Army to save the day against the Inheritors.

Arachnid Jr. is brought into this Multiversal group, demonstrating just how important he is for the larger cosmos. As the Sony SpiderVerse looks to unite various web-slingers from different realities, the respect that Junior has been afforded on the page shouldn’t be ignored.

one LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Arachnid Jr Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Amongst the expansive roster of lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, there are countless Spider-Man Variants who are brought into the adventure. Surprisingly, in the Egyptian area of ​​the map, Arachnido Jr. can actually be found and eventually unlocked.

The character plays mostly like the traditional Spider-Man but his exciting costume is on full display. It’s an indicator that the character is slowly going to become more important, as the depths of the SpiderVerse are explored and further characters are adapted into new narratives.

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