DC’s Final Two Round Robin Comics Get New Preview on DC Infinite

10-page previews for the final two Round Robin series, Suicide Squad Dark and Superboy, are now available to read on DC Infinite, before voting ends!

Warning: Spoilers for DC Round Robin 2022 ahead!

Voting for the final round of DC Comics’ 2nd Annual Round Robin begins today, and voters can get the chance to read 10 preview pages of the two contenders, Suicide Squad: Dark and Superboy: Man of Tomorrowin DC’s Round Robin #2 on the DC Infinite app! Both series are gorgeously illustrated and brilliantly written, but truly could not be more different than one another, and the previews show exactly what the vibe of each final contender will be.

This is the second time DC Comics has had comics creators participate in a fan voting-based Round Robin, where they offer up pitches and concept art to fans to decide on what series they want to see get a full publishing run. 2022’s Round Robin has had some seriously strong contenders, including pitches around stories involving Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, Kid Flash, and Hawkwoman, but the voters decided that they really want to see how the Suicide Squad: Dark and Superboy: Man of Tomorrow stories play out.


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Suicide Squad: Dark – written by Zac Thompson with art by Garry Brown -follows a “…team of occult misfits and monsters, assembled by Amanda Waller and led by Vampire Batman,” in a truly twisted tale of multiversal monster hunting, a story that will surely excite any fans of Suicide Squad, Justice League Dark, or DCeased. the other contest Superboy: Man of Tomorrow – written by Kenny Porter with art by Jahnoy Lindsay – will feature Conner Kent on a journey of self-discovery as he leaves Earth to find his place in the universe, which “…brings him face to face with a group of freedom fighters who challenge not just everything Conner stands for, but what it means to bear the Superman crest,” a new take on the character of Superboy that will delight fans of Superman: Son of Kal-El, Young Justice, or the similar tale Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

The 10-page previews, available to anyone who subscribes to DC’s Infinite app, offer the perfect insight into the tone, art, and storytelling of both final contenders for the Round Robin vote, and honestly, they could not be more different. Suicide Squad: Dark follows a multiversal Amanda Waller controlling a monstrous Suicide Squad, led by a deranged vampiric Bruce Wayne, who are tasked with taking down Earth-13s League of Shadows, that Earth’s heroic but monstrous version of the Justice League. There is one battle sequence, where Man-Thing rips the skeleton out an undead Matter-Eater Lad’s body, that is so gory that DC decided to not show it unless Suicide Squad: Dark wins and is published! Superboy: Man of Tomorrow on the other hand is a story about self-identity, family, the search for one’s purpose as Conner Kent, only recently brought back to the Earth-0, attempts to find his place in a world that forgot about him. His journey from him takes him far into outer space, where he will come face to face with an enemy that weaponizes cloning, an extremely personal fight for Conner seeing as he is the clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. Given Conner Kent’s recent return to prominence in the War for Earth 3 event, this new exploration of his character makes sense.

Both of the final 2022 Round Robin contenders are seriously high-caliber series, written by talented authors and illustrated in perfect pages that beautifully represent the intention of the creators, making deciding between Suicide Squad: Dark and Superboy: Man of Tomorrow incredibly difficult!

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Make sure to check out DC’s Round Robin #2 now available from DC Comics on their DC Infinite app!

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