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Jeff Boison has worked in publishing for the last 25 years, eleven of those at Random House where he was Director Of Sales, another six 1/2 years at DC Comics where he was Vice President of Publishing Planning and now another 6 1/2 years as Image Comics Director of Sales and Publishing Planning. But it seems not long enough to get the seven year itch. Last week Jeff Boison messaged out the following;

I wasn’t planning on sending anything out, but I guess there’s some grapevine, so I wanted to let you all know that I’m leaving Image and my last day is this coming Friday!

I’m leaving Image Comics for personal reasons (when I mentioned this to someone before, there was concern about illness or anything, and I swear everything’s totally fine and great!). Really though, I’m looking forward to spending some time on a few things that could use more time than I’ve been able to afford — and to give it my best effort, this move is what’s required.

Its been difficult to do this, because I’m so grateful to Eric for taking a chance on me and bringing me on almost 7 years ago after DC shut down the NYC offices — as a fully remote employee. Even though it’s since become the norm in our post-pandemic timeline, it was pretty tricky and took some getting used to for all involved. For a while I joked that as one publisher was turning away from a bi-coastal staffing arrangement, Image embraced it, and I think it worked really, really well.

I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone on this blind cc: and it’s been an absolute thrill to work to get your amazing works out to as many people as possible. I can’t wait to continue to see what you all produce and hope to run into you down the line at a con or wherever!

Feel free to keep in touch – my cell number stays the same (below) – and take care! -J

The Story Behind That Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT & Image Comics

Most intriguing. It also comes just after Jeff Boison’s decision to put one of his own owned Bored Ape NFT images onto a variant cover to sell premium priced copies, which also lifted the lid on Boison’s considerable NFT investments and activities. Checking his Amazon author page…

Jeff Boison

…reveals the name of his NFT-focused alter ego on Twitter, @WaistbandF. Could he have decided he’d rather avoid the scrutiny of a rather judgmental fanbase? Jeff tells Bleeding Cool that there will be “more soon…”

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