Meet Belinda M. Paschal, Dispatch assistant opinion/features editor

I am the assistant opinion editor as well as the assistant features editor, which is something of a dichotomy, but I enjoy the differences in style and content, working with and learning from two more experienced editors with very different work styles and personalities.

Why I became a journalist

In the days before pre-school/pre-K, my mother held “school” with me about half an hour each day, starting when I was 3 years old. As a result, I learned to read and write, and developed a love of language at a tender age. I knew by age 8 that I wanted to be a writer. Or a zoologist. Thankfully, I chose the former.

What I like best about my job

I enjoy the absence of monotony! I learn something new every day, whether from the stories that come across my desk, or from colleagues and their work.

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