Shang-Chi Has Already Lost His MCU Weapons in Marvel Comics

While Shang-Chi inherited the Ten Rings in the MCU, it seems as though his comics counterpart is struggling to control the same powerful weapons.

Warning! Contains a preview for Shang Chi #12

While Marvel Comics’ Shang Chi has been gradually mirroring his MCU counterpart more and more, he’s already lost the Ten Rings. Having traveled to the other-dimensional realm of Ta-Lo, Shang-Chi got his hands on the same Ten Rings wielded by Simu Liu’s version of him. However, a new preview teases that the original Shang-Chi is going to have a much harder time wielding the powerful weapons.

Recently in the Marvel Universe, Shang-Chi has taken over the Five Weapons Society, the criminal organization run by his villainous father Zheng-Zu. However, Zheng-Zu’s death saw Shang-Chi inheriting the syndicate as its Supreme Commander. While his goal from him has been to turn it into a force for good, Shang-Chi’s actions have been met with several criticisms coming from his confused siblings for changing the status quo, as well as from the Avengers seeing as how said changes are going. slower than Shang-Chi anticipated. However, that ongoing struggle has been put on hold in the face of Shang-Chi’s mother being kidnapped by his grandfather who harbors no love for the son of the man who stole his daughter from her.


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Taking Shang-Chi’s mother back to their village in Ta-Lo, the Supreme Commander and his siblings followed pursued. Upon entering the new dimension the spirit of Shang-Chi’s father began haunting him, guiding him to the Ten Rings of the Jade Emperor which look exactly like the ones in the MCU. However, the new preview for Shang Chi #12 from Gene Luen Yang and Marcus To see the Ten Rings being taken from Shang-Chi almost immediately after he’d claimed them in the previous issue. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:







SHANG-CHI #12- BLOOD AND MONSTERS, FINAL THE POWER OF THE TEN RINGS UNLEASHED! Earth is under attack from Shang-Chi’s grandfather and the forces of Ta Lo! To save his world from him, Shang-Chi must succumb to his late father’s wishes from him and inherit the deadly Ten Rings. But will he be able to wield its power from him, or will its temptations be too much?

It looks as though the Ten Rings of the comics are more corruptive than they are in the MCU, though the presence of Zheng-Zu’s spirit in Shang-Chi’s head has to be a large contributing factor. Either way, Shang-Chi’s hesitation saw him becoming unbalanced, creating the opening his grandfather needed to steal the Rings from him in the preview’s last page. Clearly, Shang-Chi isn’t going to be a master of new weapons right away like the MCU version was.

Seeing as how Shang Chi will conclude with this issue before being relaunched as Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, it’s implied that the Supreme Commander will indeed get hang of his powerful new weapons…eventually. At the moment, he’s going to have to figure out how to get them back before learning how to master them in the Marvel Universe. The full Shang Chi #12 releases on May 11th.

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