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For years at Carpinteria State Beach, park interpretive specialist Leanne Roth was the face of many of the State Park’s community activities. Since retiring from her last year, Roth has focused on writing and illustrating children’s books. CVN caught up with her de ella recently to learn more about her de ella years at the state park and her de ella new career as an author and artist.

CVN: How long did you work at Carpinteria State Beach and what was your role there?

Leanne Roth: I worked at Carpinteria State Beach for 12 years. I was hired as a park aide, and then because of my prior experience with children as an afterschool instructor at Montecito Union School, an aid for the Carpinteria School District, and a docent at the Arroyo Hondo Preserve, I applied for, and got the job as park interpretive specialist. I planned and implemented the junior ranger program, tide pool trips, campfire programs, school field trips and other programs.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in working for California State Parks and particularly, Carpinteria State Beach?

There are job openings at Carpinteria State Beach. Becoming a park aid is a wonderful customer service job, and a gateway to many other options at State Parks. It is a great place for entry to become office technicians, interpreters, senior park aides, rangers, biologists, etc. As a park aid, you can choose the days you are available and that works great with school schedules.

Why did you decide to retire?

I decided to retire because the projects I am working on will require dedicated creative time. I am working on my fourth illustrated children’s book, and have some ideas about producing an educational game which would inspire and be fun when learning a new language. I also plan on producing art and science kits for kids which will be available on Etsy.

Tell us about your most recent publication.

I recently finished my third book, “Sea Turtle’s Wish,” which was inspired by my walks on the beach, and seeing “left behind” items get washed into the ocean by the incoming tide. The book is about a sea turtle whose friends get scooped up by a rogue pail.

The previous book is called “Scrub Jay Cafe.” That book was inspired by a scrub jay who lives in my backyard. I feed her peanuts and she will even fly into the house to get them. One day I thought, I wonder what the scrub jay would feed me? I get a lot of “ew” when I read that one to kids. Who wants a rollie pollie in their guacamole?

CVN: Where can someone purchase your books?

My books are for sale on Amazon in soft or hardcover. (Leanne Roth Books will get you to the page). “Scrub Jay Café” is also for sale at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens.


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