This Hotel in Kolkata Has ‘Sleep’ on Menu But it Comes at a Price

Inadequate sleep due to disorders, work schedules and chaotic lifestyles continues to threaten both health and safety.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recommend that the average adult should sleep seven or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health. Research says that during the Covid pandemic, 40% of people from the general population faced sleep problems. To address these issues, a sleep boutique has been opened by ITC Royal Kolkata.

ITC Hotels Sleep Journey commenced in an effort to provide better quality of sleep. ‘Sleeep Boutique’ in this hotel has special sleep ensemble and sleep menu. Guests can experience best sleep experience trying all this and can take the best sleep accessories for home .This is evident in the several initiatives including optimized decibel level in the room, innovative lighting such as the anti-stumble lights, the right shower pressure, sleep music channel etc


The ‘Sleeep Ensemble’ is placed in the ITC One room category and above, at all luxury collection hotels. It consists of – Pillow Menu, Sleep Menu, Sleep Booklet, eye mask, pillow mist for sound sleep and essential oils for relieving stress. Essential oils are natural remedies for occasional sleeplessness. The Pillow Mist can help you relax before you go to bed and ease restlessness.

For a restful sleep: This delicate blend of pure essential oils that includes steam distilled Indian rose, cardamom, grapefruit, lavender, nutmeg, patchouli, calms the senses and induces sleep.

Stress Relief: This blend of pure essential oils including steam distilled lime, lavender, peppermint and lemon, uplifts the senses and eases anxiety.


A detailed ‘Sleeep Study’ was undertaken at ITC Hotels, in association with the scientists of ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre, which concluded that the Sleep Enhancement package (detailed subsequently) improved the sleep quality.


Foot Ritual

Relaxing Fragrance

Soothing Ayurvedic oil

Choice of Good Night beverage from our Sleep Menu (Camomile Tea / Gulkand Milk / Lotus Seeds & Milk)

Sleep Ensemble (includes an eye mask, ear plugs, a pillow mist and a stress reliever spray)


The sleep menu has been specially crafted by merging the culinary expertise of chefs and the expertise of scientists at ITC LSTC, Bengaluru. This menu is designed to promote sleep quality using special culinary offerings, prepared using select food ingredients from across the world, which are scientifically reported in published literature to aid and improve sleep.

According to hotel authority, this menu was developed using extensive global literature survey of books, research articles and traditional texts by scientists at ITC LSTC to screen the sleep promoting effect of each ingredient. Such sleep positive ingredients and dishes were shortlisted and consolidated into the Sleep Positive Menu.

Scientists at ITC LSTC have deeply studied the sleep benefiting effect of different types of food using modern and traditional literature and methods. This knowledge has been used by our expert chefs for creating culinary offerings for enabling a good night’s sleep.

The menu ensures the right amount and balance of nutrients are consumed and are based on the principles of ‘Swasthya’ – eating for taste and health. The menu comprises of dishes like Buttermilk Pancake with bananas, Pavilion Caprese, Chicken Supreme, Lotus Seeds and milk; all infused with the calming components of potassium, manganese, tryptophan, melatonin and Vitamin B6.

The Sleep Menu is available at ITC Hotels all resident guests and can be availed at an additional cost.


At ITC Hotels they have optimized lux (lx) levels – The luminance level of all lights to ensure optimal brilliance omitting out glare completely, ensuring a soothing, welcome atmosphere. Black-out curtains and interventions in room design ensure zero light penetration into the rooms, making sure that the duration of sleep is not altered on account of light filtering into the room.

Stumbling to find light switches disturbs sleep. The ‘master’ switch ensures a one touch option to switch on or put off the lights.


Sound is one factor that has a particularly pronounced impact upon sleep. Technological interventions minimize external influences with vacuum insulated, multi-glazed windows eliminating sound, in addition to heat and light. Decibel levels in rooms are optimized to 35 db at the headboard / pillow level, keeping all ambient sound disturbances at bay.

Research suggests that sound can also be a powerful contributing force to release stress, tension, and prepare your body for the sound slumber that will allow you to wake up to a productive tomorrow. Sleep® music and sound therapy as part of in-room television experience. Same is available as one of our channels on the televisions.


Energy Revival: This ancient healing therapy stimulates the pressure points of your feet, restoring the natural flow of body energy.

Soothing Touch: This intensive neck, shoulder and scalp massage uses a therapeutic hot stone to target those tight knots and alleviates muscle stiffness.

Express Escape: This treatment focuses on select vital points to relax sore muscles in the upper body, including the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. It relieves headaches, eyestrain, sinus pressure, nasal congestion and insomnia.


There is a special Pillow Menu that will enable a sound sleep says hotel authorities. There are eight varieties of pillows which will be offered.

Relaxed Support: Absorbs the weight of the head evenly in all directions, providing consistent comfort and complete relaxation; especially useful when suffering from headaches.

Supersoft: Specially designed with a three-way support for those who love to sink in deep.

Silk Cotton: 100% natural hypoallergenic comfort with the added softness of silk cotton.

Slim Rest: Soft, but thin. Provides good support without raising the head too high.

Ortho-care: Helps relax the neck and the shoulders, treating muscle rigidity, insomnia and snoring.

Cotton Comfort: 100% natural filling of the finest cotton for hypoallergenic protection.

Air Care: Recommended for those suffering from spondylitis, L’oreiler d’air can be customized to your particular comfort requirement.

General Manager ITC Gaurav Soneja told News18: “At ITC Hotels, we believe sound sleep is an essential element of one’s well-being and hence is the core of our business. While we sleep our bodies begin their healing process and so a good night’s rest is inherent to feeling our best. It is this belief that has led us to initiate a research nearly a decade ago and implement practices that enhance the quality of sleep experienced by the guests at our hotels. The offerings at ITC Hotels Sleep Boutique located at ITC Royal Bengal allows the guest to feel their best. You can choose from the diverse range of pillows, bedding and bed linen part of the signature SLEEEP Boutique collection for your personal use. In one way, guest will have special sleep treatment and also can take accessories to have right sleep.”

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