10 Characters That Are Different From The Comics

The past seasons of Young Justice have made changes to multiple characters within the DC universe with Season 4 being no different as it comes closer to an end. Young Justice has earned a cult following of fans through its reinterpretation of characters that may not have been recognizable before appearing on the show.

The Action-packed show has brought viewers characters that were long overdue for an update. It’s not just appearances that have been changed as characters and backstories also influenced the evolution of a character.

Sports Master

Sports Master with a weapon

The Golden Age was the era of comics where every character had to have a gimmick to them no matter how strange it may have been. Lawrence “Crusher” Crock used sports-themed weapons and bombs as part of his gimmick on him.


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The heart of the character is still in the show but with a huge change in character. He still has a cocky attitude, but it’s almost as if he finds killing and stealing a sport in itself. He’s still with Tigress, but their love isn’t as romantic as it used to be as she is retired from crime. Although there is a part of him that cares for his children, he still forces them into a life of crime.


Queen Bee has always been a beautiful and dangerous character that seeks power. Her de ella want for power and her ability to control the minds of men is what keep her the same compared to the comics. The comic would have her clash against superman as she attempted to turn everybody into her own personal drone.

The show changed it to where she is no longer the leader of the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination (HIVE), but instead the leader of Greater Bialya. Her placement of her in the show and her membership within the Light puts her as a higher threat than in the comics, being equal to the likes of Lex Luthor, Vandel Savage, and Ras Al Ghul.


Oracle helping the Birds of Prey at the Clocktower

Barbara Gordon stayed largely the same when she donned the mantle of Batgirl. She was a bit more serious and didn’t make as many witty comments, but she was still goal-oriented and mission-focused. Her bigger change de ella came when she stepped into her role de ella as the computer whiz, Oracle.

In DC Comics Barbara Gordon was tragically paralyzed in one of the best Joker stories, killing joke. The very dark story was instead replaced in the world of Young Justice with a run-in with Orphan, who later joined the Bat family as one of Barbara’s allies.


Young Justice Livewire

in Young Justice, one is the electrified punk radio host that acted as an anti-Superman. In the comics, Leslie Willis uses her electrical powers to cause trouble for Superman and Metropolis and was often one of his most popular threats to her.

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In Young Justice, she isn’t depicted as a supervillain but instead as a troubled youth that was found by the wrong people. She still finds herself on the wrong side of the law, but she becomes a more relatable character that operates with smaller stakes than taking on Superman.

Ocean Master

The strongest villain in Aquaman’s rogues’ gallery, Ocean Master, is his evil brother that hates all humans and sees himself as the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. Ocean Master is still the evil ruler in Young Justice that wants men dead, but he’s much more overly aggressive in the show.

The first time fans saw Ocean Master in the show was in season 3 when Lady Shiva decapitated him to prevent the demise of him flooding the homes of superhero children. He would soon return as a clone that regrets the lack of humanity that the original was driven to. Not only is him being a clone a change from the comics, but the extreme lengths he would go to against his brother de el is more commonly seen with Black Manta.


Black Spider from DC Comics on Young Justice

The creators of the show knew that Black Spider would get compared to another spider comic character that is beloved by many and was clearly used as inspiration. Black Spider makes jokes and witty remarks to the victims that he intends to harm and kill. The cherry on top is casting the Spectacular Spider-Man’s Josh Keaton to play DC’s evil version of the Spider-Man.

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Young Justice It was the first time that Black Spider was portrayed similar to his heroic Marvel counterpart. In the comics, he is instead shown as a quiet, strategic killer. Depending on who holds the suit, he targets criminals in the comics but hunts bounties he was paid to kill in the show.


Aqualad’s interpretation in Young Justice made him play out as an unexpected character that could be the face of the DCEU. A year after Jackson Hyde’s debut in the comics, he was placed in the show as one of the main protagonists.

The first to take the title of Aqualad was Garth. Jackson Hyde’s Aqualad differs extremely as he learns to be a much more calculated and capable leader. A change is also made in his weaponry from him as he uses electricity and alchemy to make water weapons such as swords instead of having powers more similar to Aquaman.


Young Justice Klarion The Witch Boy

Klarion the Witch Boy had a resurgence through Young Justice as he becomes more maniacal over time. Klarion and his familiar Teekl have proven to be the best villains on the show through their repeated acts of magical chaos.

Klarion is no longer pitted against Etrigan the Demon like he is in the comics but instead against the Young Justice team and the lord of order, Dr. Fate. He is more than just a witch in the show as he has been changed into a lord of chaos. His popularity of him has grown as the character’s psychotic child-like behavior makes him a perfect twisted villain that has more success than he has in the comics.


A good bit of Halo actually stayed the same when taken from the comics and placed in the show, but there are still differences. Ella’s ability to use different colors for different powers along with her joining the Outsiders is true to the comics. Even her possession of a dead body is the same.

The difference from the comics comes in making Halo a mother box that takes over a human body. Due to Halo being a living mother box, the character identifies as non-binary in the show as the mother box doesn’t identify with a gender.

beast boy

Beast Boy smirking in Young Justice

Before becoming a member of the Young Justice team, Beast Boy’s claim to fame in other media was being a part of the teen titans. He would often be portrayed as the comic relief on the team. He was a supporting character and was a party animal that just wanted to have fun in past iterations.

Young Justice put Beast Boy into more of a leadership position. This Beast Boy isn’t as comical as his teen titans counterpart as he’s been through much more tragedy. He lost his mother and multiple friends and struggles with depression and survivor’s guilt. A character that fans related to through his sense of joy and fun has been placed in the show as a character that is related to overcoming grief and loss.

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