Author and Aspire Software Co-Founder Kevin R. Kehoe Announces ‘One Hit Wonder’ Book with Life Lessons for 2022 Graduates and Readers

To provide students, entrepreneurs and readers with invaluable life and business lessons, Author, Thought Leader, and Cancer Survivor Kevin Kehoe officially announces his new book launch for “One Hit Wonder”.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In sync with the 2022 graduation season, Author, Entrepreneur, Aspire Software Co-Founder and Cancer Survivor Kevin R Kehoe officially announces the launch of his self-help memoir: “One Hit Wonder: The Real-Life Adventures of an Average Guy and the Lessons He Learned Along the Way.” This book is honest, irreverent, entertaining and humorous with Kehoe’s lifetime journey of adventures like the fictional character “Forrest Gump.” And the author’s thought-provoking experiences will provide readers with a few simple “Rules for Life.”

Readers can learn about Kehoe’s ‘One Hit Wonder’ philosophies and wisdom in the 37 short story chapters. As a “risk-taking maverick,” the author provides relatable insights on personal challenges, career adversity, creativity and innovation during his 35 year business career as a consultant, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Aspire Software Company…a place where more than 125 jobs and careers were created before Kehoe sold the company in 2021.

Kehoe expands, “It can take years to achieve a defining moment of success. For many ‘One Hit Wonders’, like musicians, one success does not define their life or legacy. In fact, many of those music artists produced a catalog of work way beyond the one chart topper. The real story about a one hit wonder should focus on a lifetime body of work, plus the legacy of that mega hit that will always be special and memorable. And the genius of the one hit wonder is actually the day-in and day-out commitment to a mission and vision that results in success.”

As a sample, Kehoe’s “One Hit Wonder” short chapters are about ten pages each, and include:

With education and learning ever-changing, especially during the pandemic, Kehoe encourages 2022 graduates and readers to take a close look at their lives, their mission and choices to determine what they’re willing to do and sacrifice to achieve success.

If Kevin Kehoe was giving a Graduation Keynote, his seven advice tips would include:

  • 1. “You must master yourself first before you can master relationships with others. Mastering presentation and listening skills is a good place to start.”

  • 2. “Success often gets down to the people you most closely associate with, so take time to verify and build trust with your closest friends. The right people at the right time can make all the difference in your success.”

  • 3. “Be prepared for disappointment and failure…lots of it. You will make mistakes and those you trust will throw you under the bus… bad things happen, just be prepared to move on without looking back.”

  • 4. “If you can, find a mentor who can tell you the truth with ‘No BS’ about your strengths and weaknesses…and if you can’t find one, lessons learned the hard way are pretty useful too.”

  • 5. “Be prepared to adjust both physically and mentally to bumps. As an eight-year Stage IV cancer survivor, I focus on ‘What do I have to do Next and avoid falling into that rabbit hole of Why Me’.”

  • 6. “Seek experiences and take risks with the right idea and the right people so you can have the opportunity to look back years in the future, and share with those people the memory of having done something great’.”

  • 7. “Celebrate and cherish your life and relationships every day.”

As a business thought leader, Kehoe adds, “We’re not all geniuses like the Beatles, but taking risks and showing up every day can make your life rich. As you go through your life journey, remember to jump into the deep end of the pool first.The deep end is never as deep as we think it is, at least that is my experience.In fact, it may make it easier to fail forward because the lessons learned by going all-in will be truly lasting and memorable .”

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“One Hit Wonder: The Real-Life Adventures of an Average Guy and the Lessons He Learned Along the Way” (November 2021)


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ABOUT: Kevin R Kehoe (Scottsdale, Arizonaborn in NYC) is an inspiring Author (“One Hit Wonder”), Aspire Software Co-Founder, Entrepreneur and Cancer Survivor, who was born and raised in New York Cityand lived most of his life in Southern California with stops in Florida and Texas, along the way. Kehoe’s personal “One Hit Wonder” was co-founding Aspire Software in 2013 with Mark Tipton, which was sold in 2021 to ServiceTitan. Kehoe is the grandson of Irish immigrants, oldest of six children, who has survived Catholic schools and nuns, two marriages, six job terminations, motorcycle crashes, and Stage IV cancer. His life experiences of him have included being an altar boy, choir boy, business consultant and entrepreneur, motorcycle racer, surfer and marathon runner. As a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook, Southern Methodist University and ASU Thunderbird School, Kehoe now lives in Arizona with his wife, Lorraine. Kevin has one daughter, who lives in st louis. As fun facts, Kevin likes coffee in the morning and tequila in the evening. His personal goal and mission for “One Hit Wonder” is to “leave the earth a better place than I entered it.” For more information, follow Author Kevin Kehoe on Facebook and LinkedIn or visit

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