Fake it until your eyes are able to make it| MARK HUGHES COBB

Hey, my eyes are up here.

Now that we’ve begun on a note of bafflement, aka my steady state of being, let me clear this up: I’m the one often being told that.

Before you brush off your tsk-tsker, know it’s not about looking-somewhere-inappropriate gazing, but more of the “Hey, look at me. Look at me!”

It has been pointed out by crowds, including exes, close pals, various work and creative partners, and at least one professional communicator, that I rarely make and maintain eye contact.

I know it bothers folks, because I can see them — my peripheral vision stays zeroed in — waggling or turning into another angle, as if the lack of contact was due to a malfunction of guidance systems, and they’re trying to help re- center my crosshairs.

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