How to Make Money Writing Short Books on Amazon

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It is no secret that Amazon is a publishing giant. Because of its growth, writers can now freely create and publish their own work without the hassle and competition of traditional publishing. Indie authors make great money and many even make full-time incomes from their Amazon books alone.

To make a name for yourself as a new author, you need to find a niche. Successful new authors find a trope on the rise, create a great book or series, then promote it to new readers. This takes time, especially if you are writing full-length novels.

If you are looking to write books full-time, there is another way. You can write short books on Amazon and still make a full-time income. Here’s how.

Why you should write short books over novels

A key ingredient to success on Amazon is your book’s rank. If you can rank your book high in the appropriate categories, especially in the thirty days after you publish, then your book has a greater chance of selling over time.

Recently, Amazon created categories specifically for a type of book that they call “Short Reads.” These short reads are broken down by the minutes that they predict the book would take to read as well as the genre. For example, your book may be an hour read in the romance genre.

So why should you write short books? For starters, they are quicker to write. Because of this, you can write more books and publish more often. From there, you can run book promotions to get your book in front of more readers, increasing your rank, and resulting in more sales.

How to make money with short books

When you write short books, you can test what sells quicker and with less cost. Let’s take romance as an example. If you choose to write a series of short romance books about billionaires that sells really well, then you can recreate what worked in a new series.

I would also recommend enrolling these books in Kindle Unlimited, which pays you based on page reads from members. This would mean your books are exclusive with Amazon, but it does pay a high percentage, depending on how well your book does.

You can also run promotions, such as a free book promotion or a countdown deal. Both of these marketing tools will help get your book seen by more readers.

Ultimately, short books create an author income at a quicker pace

Short books are a great way to build up your readership and generate an income from your writing. You can build out a publication schedule for yourself, set a marketing budget, and work on writing books that sell.

You don’t have to exclusively write short books, either. These can be a great way to build your audience while you work on a longer novel, too. In any case, short books sell, and if you are looking to become a full-time author, they are a great place to start.

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