Marvel Comics August 2022 Solicitations Spoilers: Hawkeye Teased For Big Avengers Role In AX: Judgment Day?!

Marvel Comics August 2022 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Hawkeye Teased For Big Avengers Role In AX: Judgment Day?!

The following is a tease of Avengers #60. While Avengers #58 was the last core Avengers comic teased for July 2022 it appears that August 2022 will see Avengers #59 and Avengers #60 ship as it is a five NCBD Wednesday month.

CBR reports.

Marvel Comics provided CBR with an exclusive reveal of the cover and solicitation information for Avengers #60, by writer Mark Russell and artist Greg Land.

You can see the cover for Avengers #60 below, which is by Javier Garrón. The image shows Natasha Romanoff and with her hands around Clint Barton / Hawkeye’s head, seemingly about to snap her neck. The coloring of their eyes indicates that they’re being possessed by a powerful psychic. The solicitation information, for its part, teases Hawkeye having to justify his existence of him in a world filled with people who have actual superpowers.


The Avengers’ ace archer is back! As Judgment Day looms, Hawkeye is called upon to justify his existence from him. As a benchmark, Hawkeye must prove that he brings at least as much joy and usefulness to the world as a randomly chosen mailbox, which, admittedly, is a pretty high bar.

Avengers #60 is a tie-in to the upcoming Judgment Day crossover, which will pit the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals against each other…

…Speaking about Avengers #60, Russell said, “Any day you get to play in the Marvel sandbox is a good day, but I have such respect for Kieron Gillen’s work and his vision that getting to write an issue for this event was really special . As this is essentially a story about moral judgment, I wanted to write a Hawkeye story because I thought he would push back a little on the idea that anyone had a right to judge him, but at the same time force him to think a little more seriously about what he’s doing here on the planet. Which I suppose we all should do from time to time…”


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