Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Reveals the Key Difference Between the Show and Comic

Ms Marvel had to update a number of things about Kamala Khan’s life for the Disney+ show, and that includes the young hero’s relationship with Carol Danvers.

Sana Amanat, who co-created Kamala in the comics and serves as a producer on the upcoming Marvel show, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about adapting the fan-favorite character to television. Most of the attention so far has focused on Ms. Marvel’s new powers, which won’t be connected to the Inhumans like in the comics as they don’t properly exist in the MCU. Similarly, Kamala’s idol, Carol Danvers, has a somewhat different story on the big screen, but the core admiration from the page will be maintained.

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“Obviously, in the Marvel comics, the story was different. [Carol] was Ms. Marvel in the Marvel comics, and she’s been around for much longer. But in this case, what’s unique is Captain Marvel is one of the few really well-known, big-time female Avengers, if you will,” Amanat explained. “She had a pretty significant save in the battle against Thanos, and I think if someone who was young and looking out at the world and she sees this really powerful, badass woman almost takes down Thanos, what does that do to you? How do you internalize that? I think that is a really important story to tell, not only about who your heroes are but who are your heroes when you’re a young person of color? What does that do to your sense of self?

In the comics, Carol spends years operating as Ms. Marvel. When she becomes Captain Marvel, it coincides with Kamala going through Terrigenesis and gaining powers. To pay homage to her de ella hero, she takes the name Ms. Marvel and even incorporates elements of Carol’s old costume into her own de ella. But in the MCU, Carol never used the name Ms. Marvel. It’s unclear why Kamala will choose that particular name in the MCU, but fans have already seen how certain things, like the lightning bolt iconography Carol and Kamala use, have been changed.

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Despite the alterations from the source material, Amanat said the entire process has been deeply collaborative. And for the longtime comic book editor who is now helping usher her creation of her to live-action, it’s been a joy to see so many new voices add to the tapestry that is Kamala Khan.

“The great part of it for me is the collaboration,” Amanat said. “I love that so many people now are in Kamala’s life. They’re helping her grow, whether it’s our directors, our writers, our VFX team, our costume designer, our set decorator. Everybody has now influenced Kamala. What’s really wonderful is that she’s truly going into the next stage of growth because of all these amazing people who are bringing their own perspectives.”

Ms Marvel premieres June 8 on Disney+.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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