Best Red Hood Comics To Read Before Gotham Knights Comes Out

After much anticipation, Gotham Knights revealed new footage from the game, not seen since the cinematic story trailer. fans of Gotham Knights received a closer look at the game’s hero roster, and deep dive gameplay into Nightwing and Red Hood.

Jason Todd has come a long way from being the homeless kid that managed to steal tires off of The Batmobile. Through his resurrection, he became Red Hood, the dual-wielding, lethal, angst member of the Batfamily. Being one of the starring characters in Gotham Knightsfans might be wondering what comic books they should read to better understand the character before his appearance in the videogame scheduled for later this year.

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10 Batman: A Death In The Family

An essential read for any fan of Red Hood. Although this graphic novel does not explicitly have Red Hood appear, it is without a doubt his origin story from him. Fans of the character should read A Death In The Family to understand Jason Todd, his relationship with Batmanand his end as Robin.

The story follows Jason hunting rumors of his mother being alive. tricked by joker, he is beaten to near-death by a crowbar, and then has the building he is in blown up. Jason Todd’s death was something Batman considers his greatest failure, and it’s no thanks to the fans, who voted in for this to happen.

9 Batman: Battle For The Cowl

This is a rather controversial comic due to the way Jason Todd is written. Some fans consider this comic a warning, and a way that writers and readers should not perceive Jason Todd.

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After Bruce Wayne’s death, there was a void in Gotham City. While characters like Nightwing and Robin tried to honor Batman’s legacy by maintaining order in the city, Jason Todd created his own Batman. A Batman that did not fear the use of lethal weapons. Rather unhinged and desperate, this comic has Jason attempt to kill the remaining Batfamily.

8 Night Of The Owls: Red Hood And The Outlaws

Part of The New 52 lineup for DC Comics, this single issue takes place in the Red Hood and the Outlaws run and serves as a prelude to what is happening within Batman’s comic volume “The Court Of Owls”.

This single issue focuses mainly on Red Hood rather than the outlaws, as he finds himself in a mystery surrounding Mr, Freeze, and a Court of Owls Talon. It’s a great read for those invested in the story behind the upcoming Gotham Knightsas it will help them understand Jason’s motivation for rejoining the Batfamily in Gotham to put a stop to the antagonists, The Court.

7 Batman: Death Of The Family

Not to be confused with “A Death in the Family“, Este New 52 comic was an event that included all members of the Batfamily in their own comic runs, that bled together to create a cohesive timeline”Death of the Family”.

This comic returned Jason to Gotham and gave him back his relationship with Batman and the Batfamily. It explores how he handles the return of The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has created a new game of chess, in which every member of the Batfamily is a piece. It’s another sadistic game that Joker plays with Batman and involves the former wearing his own face like a mask.

6 Red Hood And The Outlaws: Rebirth

continuation of the New 52 run, this comic serves as the “dark trinityto DC’s Trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. It stars Artemis, (the exiled Amazon), Bizarro (The failed Superman clone), and Red Hood (Jason Todd, the former Robin, and the ex-dead ward of Batman).

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The Outlaws become a trio, a new team after Jason Todd returns to his old ways and becomes a violent vigilante again. Jason’s compassion for his team is shown more in-depth, as he develops a romantic interest for Artemis and an empathic friendship with Bizarro.

5 Batman: Three Jokers

One of the most anticipated comics of recent years, “Batman: Three Jokers” sought to finally answer the question brought about in 2015’s “The Darkseid War”, in which Batman occupies the Mobius Chair and asks who The Joker really is. The mystery behind the Clown Prince has evoked interest over many, many years, and these questions could finally be answered in Three Jokers.

The comic serves as a mystery around Jason Todd’s life and rebirth and keeps fans and Jason himself wondering if his death was orchestrated for some higher purpose, a deeper plan by the maniacal Joker. The three-part series stretches Jason Todd’s mental state thin and has him cross a line that Batman cannot forgive.

4 The New 52! Red Hood And The Outlaws

After the DC Comics rebooted the universe after the events of flash point, this comic served as a new series and a fresh start for the resurrected Jason Todd. Most consider this comic a step in the right direction for Red Hood, as he put his resentment and grudge toward Batman aside.

The stories in this series focus on humanizing Jason and giving him a friendship with Starfire and Arsenal. Jason Todd grows as a person here and allows himself to rely on others, develop relationships, and discover new mystical powers about himself, something Gotham Knights seems to take inspiration from.

3 Teen Titans: Life And Death

As a personal story to Jason Todd about revenge, resentment, and brotherhood, this comic seeks to cause a confrontation between Red Hood and the new Robin, Tim Drake. Their first confrontation as Jason gives Tim a speech on why he does not deserve to have the title of Batman’s ward and tests his strength.

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Jason breaks into The Teen Titans’ Tower dressed in his old Robin costume, where he seeks a fight with his successor, Tim Drake, to find out for himself what Tim has that Jason didn’t. The story highlights Jason’s frustrations and grief with the world, as he feels as if his death was unnoticed and not mourned. There was no statue of him erected upon his death like other fallen Teen Titans.

two Red Hood: The Lost Days

This graphic novel features an in-between of what Jason Todd had gotten up to since his resurrection from The Lazarus Pit. With Todd back from the dead, he is both confused and upset upon finding out that he has been replaced as Robin. Believing he meant nothing to Batman, resentment brews for the Caped Crusader, and he swears to kill him.

With the help of Batman’s occasional love interest, Talia Al Ghul, Jason Todd receives training from the best killers from around the world, making him a prolific expert in lethal force. Guns would be his weapons of choice from him, something that is shown in his gameplay from Gotham Knights.

one Batman: Under The Red Hood

When a mysterious masked man takes center stage in Gotham, Batman faces a new challenge of discovering the identity of this “Red Hood”, and putting a stop to the lethal vigilantism that he stops.

Red Hood starts a war with criminal kingpins like Black Mask, to prove to Batman that he is the most efficient vigilante that Gotham needs, as he isn’t afraid to take them out of the equation for good. The comic serves as an emotional confrontation between Jason Todd, feeling abandoned and betrayed by his adoptive father, Batman, at the hands of his killer, Joker. The comic raises reasonable questions on the morality of crime-fighting.

Gotham Knights releases on October 25, 2022, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S.

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