Lucas elementary and middle schools host family literacy night

LUCAS — The theme for family literacy night at Lucas was “Building Better Readers.”

Open to elementary and middle school students, the event offered a variety of games to help kids improve their reading skills.

The adults matched the theme by wearing neon vests like you see on construction workers.

Kari Case, principal for grades K-7, said a team of teachers brainstormed about what the night should include.

“There are games and activities that also work on literary skills,” she said.

Set up in the gymnasium, one of those games was literacy Jenga. Kids chose a question that matched the color of their Jenga block.

“He likes books about animals,” said Melody Jefferson of her son Scott before he blurted out “Magic Tree House.”

“Magic Tree House” is an American series of children’s books.

Pupils make book recommendations

Kids could leave sticky notes at the Jenga station with their book recommendations.

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