10 Comic Books Teams More Dysfunctional Than The Suicide Squad

Comic book superhero teams of the last decade have ranged from avengers-level powerful to suicide squad-level dysfunctional. Last year, James Gunn’s action-packed violent-villain-fest suicide squad opened to rave reviews but mediocre box-office numbers.

Despite this, the concept of misfit teams is still going strong. Next year promises two more releases of lovable second-string heroes with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Shazam: Fury of The Gods. These lesser know teams are made up of some of the most weirdest and most powerful characters. The result often ends up more dysfunctional than a family reunion.


The Outlaws

The Outlaws in Marvel comics

The Outlaws were a short-lived group of ex-villains. They were brought together by Spider-Man, after he gets accused of a crime, he seeks to clear his name from him. Among the ex-villains were Sandman, Puma, Silver Sable, and Rocket Racer.

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Not to be confused with Red Hoods Outlaws, this team has no relation. The storyline shares some similarities to No Way Home with the presence of Sandman and the concept of clearing one’s name. Spiderman seems to have an affinity for working with ex-villains; when the time comes.

The Outsiders

Much like the Suicide Squad, The Outsiders were formed as a covert-ops team. Not the only time making an appearance on this list; the team was originally led by Batman. The Outsiders are made up of heroes not concerned with image including Katana, Geo-Force, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, and others.

The team had faced off against the Suicide Squad, and the two teams actually mirror each other pretty well. Katana has been a member of both The Outsiders and Suicide Squad. The team most recently appeared on the tv show Black Lightningwith him as the lead.

The Bat-Family

The Bat Family on a top of the comics.

The Batman notoriously works alone. That’s why when he formed the Bat-Family, made up of young crime fighters he trained, it wasn’t long before things went awry. Made up of several Robins, Batgirl, Nightwing, and other Bat-related Gotham crime-fighters.

They all have complicated relationships with Batman, and theirs might be the most family-like of the dysfunctional groups. In some iterations of the comics, it is implied that the Bat-Family’s presence keeps Bruce Wayne from going too far with his brutal vigilante ways.

League of Losers

After a supervillain from the future, Chronok travels back in time to kill the Avengers, the only superheroes left behind are 7 less-than-Amazing unknowns. Among these rejects are Darkhawk, Dagger, Speedball, Sleepwalker, Terror Inc, Gravity, and X-23.

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This team was made up of a crew of superheroes that didn’t strike awe or fear in anyone. They weren’t even considered as a threat and could even be seen as a joke. Despite this, the team traveled to the future to save the Avengers from the past. Things started off rocky but once they started working as a team, this band of misfits actually held their own, and became heroes.

Justice League Dark

Made up of some truly bizarre characters like Swamp Thing, Zatanna, John Constantine, Orchid, Frankenstein, and Madame Xanadu. They tend to be led by John Constantine who is an unconventional hero, to put it lightly.

Justice League Dark takes on supernatural and mystical threats that might be too murky for their Justice League counterparts. They don’t get along at all, they have no issues with pretending to be altruistic. This is a team of anti-heroes that will get the job done but won’t even try to make it look fun.

next wave

The members of Nextwave started off working for an organization called HATE The group that would become Nextwave left and formed a team after realizing it was run, shockingly with a name like HATE, by villainous people.

This team bickers like a dysfunctional family, and their reckless behavior puts them on par with Suicide Squad. Consisting of Captain Marvel’s flight buddies daughter Monica Rambeau, Elsa Bloodstone and Aaron Stack and others, this team fights on the sidelines but in battle, they work pretty smoothly together.

Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc. Team Photo

Infinity Inc. is compiled from a group of superheroes deemed unworthy of the Justice Society of America. Some of the team include Huntress, upcoming Black Adam star, Atom Smasher and Power Girl.

Similar to the Teen Titans, these young heroes were unaccepted by the Justice Society and formed their own group. A group of rejects struggles to stay together, but they have some wins. They actually end up fighting the brainwashed Justice League and lived to tell the story.

Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons assemble in Marvel Comics.

Put together by Doctor Strange, this team actually has some big names in it, including the recent titular character of Morbiusand the upcoming Blade reboot. The team of paranormal hunters and sorcerers clash heads often.

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As would be expected when you have vampires working with humans and mystic beings. Midnight Sons at times had a lethal level of dysfunction, like when Blade killed several of the members. A price they paid to serve the greater good and fight demons and supernatural beings.

X Force

X-Force was created as a strike team led by Wolverine. The first line-up of the team also included Warpath, Hepzibah, X-23, Wolfsbane, and Caliban. This group of mutants was all exceptional trackers. Notably, Deadpool was even a member of X-Force at one point.

What sets X-Force apart from X-Men was just how lethal they are willing to be. The members of X-Force often had loose morals and were willing to take deadly action against any threats to mutants. The combination of so many ruthless killers leads to a dysfunctional and morally ambiguous hero team.


Shadowpact Justice League Dark

This forgotten team is a bunch of oddballs that would actually fit in great on a team like Doom Patrol. With characters like Blue Devil, a rhyming demon, and Detective Chimp, a literal monkey crime solver, this crew veers on the goofier side of hero teams.

Joined by Enchantress, Ragman, Nightshade and Nightmaster, Shadowpact is a team that champions lost causes. It takes a certain level of don’t-give-a-crap to be willing to take on fights others don’t want to.

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