PS Plus Premium Skipping Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Would be a Missed Opportunity

While many RPGs are loved for their gameplay and how they change up the genre between other games similar to themselves, arguably one of the most important things to an RPG is the story and lore attached to it. Final Fantasy 7 you have become one of the few final-fantasy games with multiple titles spanning its story, with some rather interesting spin-offs among them. One of the most iconic FF7 spin-offs is Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Corea prequel to the original through the eyes of Zack Fair, Cloud’s late best friend.


Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core was released for the PSP in 2007. The game reportedly sold rather well, and critics praised it for what it brought to the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7. In light of the news that PlayStation Plus Premium gives subscribers access to a library of PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP games that they can download, it gives FF7 fans hope that perhaps Crisis Core will be added to the line-up somewhere down the line. For many reasons, Square Enix should most definitely put Crisis Core on PS Plus Premium.

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Crisis Core’s Importance to Final Fantasy 7

One of Final Fantasy 7‘s many mysteries comes in the form of Cloud’s identity crisis and exactly what happened to him. While the game answers a fair deal of it, Crisis Core not only gives Zack’s side of the story but also provide further context to important game-changing events, such as what happened the night Nibelheim burned down. While some players questioned if the changes Crisis Core made were necessary, the majority of fans saw the game as a welcome addition to the series’ sprawling lore.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has also cemented Crisis Core‘s story as an important part of its overall narrative, since it includes elements of the Compilation of FF7 that make the franchise’s lore more consistent. However, due to the twist at the end of FF7R that Cloud and company have chosen to defy the fate found in the original game, Zack is now somehow alive rather than dead like in the ending of the PSP game. Even though Zack’s story seems to be changing, there should still be an opportunity for players to experience what happened to him originally. As things stand right now, they have no way to play Crisis Core outside of playing the original, rather obsolete release.

Crisis Core’s Lack of Rereleases

Despite how Crisis Core has given tons of new context to the world and lore of FF7, Square Enix has left it behind. The title’s only release in the last 15 years is its PSP launch in 2007. It’s a rather interesting oversight as the original Final Fantasy 7 is widely available today, yet FF7CC hasn’t seen any sort of rerelease or HD remaster. Considering that the PSP title uniquely used real-time combat rather than a turn-based style like the game before it, it’s rather tragic how difficult it is for even the most dedicated FF7 fans to get their hands on this game.

Releasing the PSP game on PS Plus Premium after so long would be a great incentive for FF7 fans, whether they’ve played the original FF7 or remake. It would also serve as a great game to play while waiting for news regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2. There are also the many fans who had picked up FF7R expecting it to be a proper remake who lacks the full context behind Zack. With Crisis Core made accessible to them, fans could download it as part of PS Plus Premium to have a better understanding of the character, which would make FF7R perfect advertising for the PS Plus Premium membership.

Even though there are great incentives for Crisis Core to be available through the new PS Plus tier, there’s also one big reason to not include it. Sometime later this year, Square Enix plans to release Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis onto mobile devices. Ever Crisis promises to feature several parts of the Compilation of FF7 as a free-to-play game, including Crisis Core. This essentially marks the first-ever remaster of FF7CCand many fans are excited for Ever Crisis due to that fact alone. Having FF7CC available on another platform could potentially hurt Ever Crisis‘ chance of succeeding as a result.

However, many players have good reason to be wary regarding Ever Crisis when it comes to Square Enix’s current practices. The company has announced its plans to create NFTs, and has also released Chocobo GP after filling it with microtransactions, among other things. While the next FF7 mobile game seems to still be on track for a release later this year, offering the original Crisis Core on PS Plus Premium would be a great way for players who aren’t interested in Ever Crisis to still experience how FF7 began. adding FF7CC to PS Plus Premium would be beneficial for Square Enix and loyal fans alike, and hopefully the company will capitalize on the opportunity.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core is available now for PSP.

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