Why Warner Bros. Canceled the DC Comics Film


  • In February, Warner Bros. announced a live-action Wonder Twins film heading to HBO Max. KJ Apa and Isabel May later joined as their stars.
  • News broke in May that Warner Bros. canceled the Wonder Twins film, reportedly due to budget concerns and a need for theatrical release.
  • Isabel May recently teased Wonder Twins and how she prepared for the role.

KJ Apa and Isabel May, the stars of HBO Max’s canceled ‘Wonder Twins’ film. | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images // Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

It looks like the Wonder Twins won’t be activating after all. Just a few months after Warner Bros. announced a live-action adaptation of the DC Comics story Wonder Twins for HBO Max — and even found its stars, KJ Apa and Isabel May — the studio canceled the project. And though Warner Bros. itself has yet to comment on the cancellation, inside sources have suggested a few reasons why it fell through.

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