10 Comic Book Heroes You Didn’t Know Eleven Led Teams

With the upcoming release of she hulk, fans are getting a chance to see lesser-known corners of the Marvel Comics universe come alive, and the possibility for exciting new team-ups abound. While Captain America or Superman are known for their leadership abilities, some heroes’ teamwork slips under the radar.

From legendary Justice League members such as Aquaman to antihero monsters such as Ghost Rider, many of the best comic heroes have led somewhat more obscure groups. While these teams may not be as popular, they still can boast some impressive superhero team-ups.

Jubilee (X-People)

X-Men 92 House of XCII Jubilee

Following the path laid down by her mentor, Charles Xavier, Jubilee founded her own mutant team after the X-Men sacrificed themselves to save earth. Leading the X-People, Jubilee made it her mission to collect stray mutants, and generally keep out of the larger affairs of the rest of the Marvel Universe.


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While they never received their own ongoing series, the X-People appeared in several books across the Marvel imprint, and kept the spirit of the original X-Men alive. Though they weren’t the most flashy team, the X-People harkened back to a simpler time in Marvel Comics, before interweaving storylines made things complicated.

Wolverine (Savage Avengers)

Wolverine fights Conan from Savage Avengers

Assembling one of the best Avengers rosters in history, the Savage Avengers was helmed by the toughest mutant of them all. Wolverine is known for his time with the X-Men and Avengers, and his prickly personality does not necessarily make him the best team leader. However, when matched with several other brutal heroes and anti-heroes, Logan is right in his element.

Once again bringing Conan The Barbarian into the mainstream Marvel universe, savage avengers saw him first an enemy of Wolverine’s before they eventually teamed up. Hoping to wrest the Eye of Agamotto from a cult in the Savage Land, the unlikely group uses their unique and brutal methods to win the day. Unlike mainstream teams, the Savage Avengers don’t play by any particular rules and win by any means necessary.

Red Hood (Red Hood And The Outlaws)

Red Hood and Arsenal team up in The Outlaws

After the character exploded onto the scene in the amazing Under the Red Hood storyline, DC quickly gave fans the further adventures of their beloved new anti-hero. Teaming up with Starfire and Arsenal, Red Hood and his band of misfits fought crime and sought redemption for their own past mistakes.

Retroactively establishing a lifelong friendship between Jason Todd (Red Hood) and Roy Harper (Arsenal) gave the story added weight, and the team a unique goal. Unlike most teams that simply hope to protect a city, or the planet, The Outlaws also wanted to clear their own names and make up for the damage they caused in the past.

Aquaman (The Others)

Aquaman leads the Others into battle from DC Comics

Aquaman is most known as a rather reclusive member of the Justice League, but on occasion he has his own team that is available when needed. The Others are a group of heroes who all possess an important Atlantean artifact that they must protect in order to keep Atlantis safe.

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Though they are loosely drawn together by their mutual interest, they represent a powerful team when fully assembled. Utilizing the unbelievable might of Atlantis, the group is nearly unstoppable with Aquaman taking the lead. Made up of relatively obscure characters like Prisoner-of-War, and The Operative, the team is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.

Hercules (The God Squad)

Atum with the God Squad in Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe is stuffed with extremely powerful characters, but few represent as much might as the gods that appear on occasion. The God Squad truly lived up to its name, and was an assemblage of Marvel’s most powerful deities that teamed up in order to combat the evil Skrull Pantheon.

Bringing in the likes of Thor and Silver Surfer, the team’s leader Hercules, was no slouch himself. What makes the team most impressive is that it brings together a rich tapestry of heroes and villains, and fans got to see the Norse God of Thunder fight alongside the usually sinister Galactus in order to protect the realm.

Mister Immortal (The Great Lakes Avengers)

The Avengers name has been slapped onto many different Marvel teams, and it seems as if every hero and villain has passed through those halls at some point. The Great Lakes Avengers, however, stand out among the rest as the only team to be sued by the current Avengers for copyright infringement.

Lead by Mister Immortal, a man who cannot die, the rag-tag group of mutants were first trained by Hawkeye before eventually drawing the ire of their big brothers to the east and west. Defending the Midwestern section of the US from harm, the Great Lakes Avengers were an unorthodox team that often had to change their name in order to avoid further lawsuits.

She-Hulk (The A-Force)

The members of the A-Force pose in front of a blue background

the Secret Wars event gave Marvel a chance to shake up their teams, and make history in the process. In the wake of The Avengers disbanding, a new team of female superheroes formed with the mighty She-Hulk as their de-facto leader.

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The A-Force assembled some of the most powerful female Avengers including Captain Marvel, and the team was an instant force of nature that rivaled even the original Avengers. Taking a decidedly feminist approach, the A-Force were tasked with defending a matriarchal society known as Arcadia from all sorts of threats. Though the series was relatively short lived, it proved that an all-female team was exactly what many fans wanted to see.

Hawkman (All-Star Squadron)

Many members of the All-Star Squadron leap into action from DC Comics

The roots of the All-Star Squadron were planted all the way back in the golden age of comics, but the story didn’t come to fruition until the 1980s. Set in the 1940s, the All-Star Squadron was assembled by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a team of superheroes who could protect the US at home while the military fought abroad.

Helmed first by Liberty Belle, the team eventually fell into the hands of Hawkman as the primary leader. Existing as a retcon to DC’s timeline, the team’s history ran concurrently with established events in the publisher’s canon. Ultimately, the team was a fun alternative to the Justice League, and harkened back to an older, and more simple age of comic books.

Ghost Rider (Legion Of Monsters)

Ghost Rider warns his team mates from the Legion of Monsters

Necessity is often the mother of invention, and the loose team of the Legion of Monsters came together by pure chance when they all responded to the same threat. Though team is a strong descriptor for the Legion, the assemblage of Marvel’s scariest monster anti-heroes came together for a brief time before disbanding.

Initially taking the reins of the first iteration of the team, Ghost Rider was the most level-headed of the bunch as was therefore its leader. All spurred by the sudden arrival of the benevolent deity known as Starseed, the team fought the creature to death before realizing its true intentions. the Legion of Monsters is such a unique team because their own horrific tendencies are the only tenuous connection that links them together.

Storm (X-Men)

storm featured variant

The mutant faction known as the X-Men has had several leaders over the years, but few were as groundbreaking as Storm. Following Cyclops’ departure from her in the 1980s, the newly reinvented Storm took the helm of the team and got a chance to show off her leadership skills from her.

Guiding the team through some of the biggest, and most complicated storylines of the decade, Storm took the team to new heights as their leader. Even though retcons and reboots would eventually restore Cyclops to his leadership role, Storm would also take the helm several more times since her initial period of her as leader. While Xavier and Cyclops are often most remembered as the team’s leaders, Storm certainly deserves praise as one of the best as well.

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