5 Comics to Read Before Watching Ms. Marvel

With less than a month before the highly anticipated Ms Marvel premieres, many fans are quickly brushing up on their knowledge of the character, so they can be prepared. Unlike other MCU heroes, Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) is a relatively recent character in the grand scheme of things and thus is a much easier character to follow up on.


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With her boom in popularity since her introduction in 2013, she has been in several high profile events and storylines and has even led her own team. Her integral presence of her has been noted by not just fans and critics but also the MCU, with multiple bigger named superheroes involved in many of her storylines of her.

Ms Marvel Vol 3

The original 19 issue run by writer G. Willow Wilson and artist adrian alpha ranks as one of the best comic runs of recent memory. Covering five arcs – Not normal, Healing Factor, Generation Why, crushedand Last days – the series covers both the origin of the character and her earliest adventures with her extensive (and extremely likeable) supporting cast.


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Since the Disney+ show is controversially changing her origin, this is a must-read for newcomers who may be interested in how Kamala got her powers initially. Her run de ella also dives into the complex lore of the Inhumans and does it in a way that makes it palatable for casual audiences in a way that most of that lore simply is n’t.


Ms Marvel Vol 4

After the massive crossover event that was Secret Wars, Kamala’s story continues with G. Willow Wilson returning as writer. Several artists picked up the pencil around this time, with the most prominent being Nico Leon whose look was distinctly different from Adrian Alphona but helped define a more iconic look for the character.

Running for a massive 38 issues from 2016 to 2019, the series ties into multiple storylines including Civil War II and Secret Empire, but stands on its own regardless. It’s here that Kamala Khan found her identity de ella as a hero and really came into her own de ella as a character where she has remained a fan favorite ever since.

Civil War II

While not 100% a Kamala Khan story, her arc in the massive crossover event was one of the better parts of the storyline. Civil War II followed a crisis after an Inhuman by the name of Ulysses enters the picture. Ulysses can see the future, and while Carol Danvers and several of the Avengers want to use his power to stop crimes before they happen, Tony Stark feels uncomfortable with the idea and another war between superheroes begins.

Caught in the middle of everything is Kamala Khan, who finds herself at odds with her idol and begins to see her in a more negative light. It’s a massive piece of development for the character and eventually leads to a falling out between the two characters that still hasn’t been fully resolved to this day.

Magnificent Ms Marvel

With Saladin Ahmed taking over the character alongside artist Minkyu Jung, Magnificent Ms Marvel is something of a “back to basics” style run for the character after her team-ups and crossover appearances began taking over her runs. With a bigger focus on the city of New Jersey and the people around her, there is a lot of stuff for fans to chew on in terms of character development for Kamala, particularly as she deals with more unique threats than before.


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The series also begins Kamala’s long-standing feud with the Roxxon Oil Company, which could play a role in the Ms Marvel show as antagonists. Kamala’s rivalry and opposition to them fit in modern times as well, fully embracing an anti-capitalist stance that most audiences will surely find agreement with.


Kamala Khan has been in several teams over the years, but her most prominent is that as the leader of the Champions, a team of mostly teenagers that consists mainly of her, the second Nova, Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, and Viv, the daughter of Vision. Other members, like Ironheart and Moon Girl, would fill out the team in later issues, and her dynamic with the team is among the most memorable of her appearance.

This storyline is one of the best from her time on the Champions, and it’s a great showcase of the anti-establishment themes that have run throughout her character. After a law is passed that prohibits young heroes under the age of 21, Kamala fights against it, and it follows the consequences that follow doing so. It’s a great story while also showing Kamala at her best and most interesting about her.


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