Alliance” is a thrilling continuation of the saga and the lingering threat of an evil empire.

RW Dekar, an avid gamer who served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, attended college in New York, and presently resides in Texas, where he enjoys learning history, reading fiction and nonfiction, and playing golf, has completed his new book “The Light and the Darkness: Alliance”: a gripping and potent work of fantasy fiction that keeps the pages turning until its dramatic conclusion.

Darien and his companions—Kalos, a knight of the Brigade of Iron; Allura, his childhood friend of him; Vincent, the Corsair; and Exterra, an elf—made their way to the treacherous Ice Fields of Albakor. They then made their way through the Cave of Ruins to find the Holy Sword that they were seeking, the Lucent Sword.

However, finding the sword and ridding Darien of the evil that plagued him from his using the Shadow Sword—one of the Demonic Swords—was only part of the battle. The Empire of Lumin’Valeria still loomed over head.

The Empire was not only their problem, but everyone who lived on Gaianterra. And as such, King Alphonse Ashton of the Kingdom of Ballentine had already begun to create an alliance with the other nations around the world. But will his emissaries of war be successful? Will they even be able to complete their missions before Lumin’Valeria could strike? Only time would tell.

Meanwhile, Sampson Rockfell is on the trail of a traitor. Will he find whom he has sought? Or will this hunt be the end for the Hunter?

Jack Destin is still on the trail of the vampires whom he blamed for the murder of his family. Will he find the answers that he seeks, or is he delusional? Have you been chasing an imaginary enemy all this time? Or is he about to unleash a horror upon the world that no one has seen in over a thousand years?

Finally, there are the elves. What impact will their actions have on the world of man? Will they help save the world from destruction at the hands of the Lumin’Valerian Empire? Or will they only succeed in starting a war between elves and men?

Published by Page Publishing, RW Dekar’s engrossing book is an excellent choice for avid fantasy readers.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “The Light and the Darkness: Alliance” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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