BLOOM Imprint releases House + Flower: Reviving Forgotten Homes and Gardens

House + Flower by Cynthia Zamaria (BLOOM Imprint, June 2022)

Cynthia Zamaría

Cynthia Zamaria, author of House + Flower

Pink peonies and pink belvedere

Whether it’s her pink peonies in a vase or the enchanting pink walls of an historic belvedere, design writer Cynthia Zamaria has a flair that infuses nature with interior spaces.

Toronto-based home and garden creative Cynthia Zamaria’s new book brings beauty to everyday life with inventive restorations

There’s something wildly romantic about reimagining weathered homes and gardens in need of love. The promise of renewal is seductive and I invite you to embrace the beauty surrounding you.”

—Cynthia Zamaria

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2022 / — For Cynthia Zamaria, the art of reviving old gardens and renovating elderly homes is both lifestyle and vocation. In her new book, House + Flower, Zamaria immerses the reader in her creative process, sharing how she infuses gardens, flowers and elements of nature into sensitive home design.

With an international surge in home and garden improvement underway, Zamaria’s approach is timely, yet timeless. A serial home renovator with her husband Graham Loughton, Zamaria inspires others to design their residential environments as expressions of individual style and aesthetic. Eschewing the pressure to follow the trends, Zamaria, who embraces vintage and artisanal objects, advocates for the venerable, authentic and emotional.

Through engaging imagery by acclaimed interiors photographers Janet Kimber and Robin Stubbert as well as Zamaria herself, readers are invited to see the potential for beauty in the worn and overlooked. Zamaria shows how she reimagines spaces culminating with the transformation of her current home de ella, the seventh Toronto-area residence Zamaria and Loughton have restored over the years. From painting and planting to repairing and polishing, the couple coaxes new life into living environments with a unique, gentle approach to renovation.

In the book’s pages, Zamaria reflects on lessons learned during countless DIY projects, including all aspects of a home and garden transformation. But the magic in the book comes from Zamaria’s encouraging philosophy and welcoming narrative on infusing indoor and outdoor environments with meaning.

Her guiding principles include:
● Homes Have Souls (Let your house speak; Love and care for her; Fill her with the people, creatures and things that bring you joy and make you smile)
● Mother Nature is the Original Stylist (And her candy is flowers; We should always have them; They lift a space and our spirits; They unite us. Source local and sustainable; Grow your own)
● You Do You (High and low; Treasures and trash; Big box and boutique; DIY and couture; Old and new; When you surround yourself with what you love, it all goes together)
● Trend Less (Embrace the lasting, not the fleeting; Live with objects older than you; Embrace the classics and quality; Work with what you’ve got)

Throughout the book, Zamaria demonstrates the original character of a residence or garden while also creating spaces that encompass today’s modern lifestyle. She writes: “There’s something wildly romantic about reimagining weathered homes and gardens in need of love. The promise of renewal is seductive. Whether your space is old or new, done or undone, city or country, I invite you to embrace the beauty surrounding you.”

Reviving forgotten homes and gardens represents a quest for this author. “It’s my mission to see the potential for beauty and to unearth possibility,” she writes. “I believe in the space and must set it free.” She encourages others to see the potential in their homes and create a backdrop that suits them and their lifestyles, as well.

Book Specs:
House + Flower: Reviving Forgotten Homes and Gardens
ISBN: 978-1-7368481-5-9
Price: $28.95
On-sale date: June 20, 2022
Soft cover with French flaps, 144 pages
120 full-color photographs throughout

Author interviews, demonstrations, additional images and a digital version of the book are available to media.
Virtual Book Tour takes place the week of June 13th, 2022. Schedule your appointment now.

Accolades for House + Flower:

“Here are houses found, embraced, personified and embodied by the spirit of the author. Cynthia gives the same generous passion to her homes de ella as she does to her readers de ella. ”
DEBORAH NEEDLEMAN, Author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home and co-author of the Domino Book of Decorating

“A gem of a book, House + Flower is as multifaceted as Cynthia’s approach to design. Her talent for creating beautiful vignettes is born from a deep knowledge of her materials. Working with old houses, gardens, and vintage and contemporary objects, she creates spaces of simplicity, relevance, and style.”
CHRISTIN GEALL, Author of Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style

About the Author:
A popular home and garden creative, Cynthia Zamaria is known for her accessible approach to character-filled spaces and carefree flower displays. Recently recognized as a Country Home Magazine Style Maker, Zamaria’s work is regularly featured in leading international lifestyle and shelter media, including HGTV, Domino, Apartment Therapy, Country Living, Homes & Gardens, House & House, and Style at Home. With an infectious, optimistic spirit and a belief that we all need more beautiful in our lives, she shares inspiration as a writer, photographer, stylist and presenter.

About the Photographers:
Over her 25 year career Janet Kimber has won numerous advertising awards, three Juno Award nominations and is regularly published in national and international magazines. She shoots interiors and architecture for some of Canada’s top designers, decor magazines and museums. She has also created timeless portraits of many notable Canadians, international creatives and leaders such as Abbas Kiarostami and the Aga Khan IV.

Robin Stubbert is an Ontario-based interiors and lifestyle photographer. Stubbert began her career taking pictures of caterpillars as a young child and has been honoring her craft since then. Working as a professional photographer for more than a quarter of a century, Stubbert is known for his signature light-filled style which beautifully and emotionally captures our lives indoors and out. A consummate professional with an exacting eye for detail, Stubbert is a favorite contributor to interiors and lifestyle magazines and her work has been featured in leading media around the world.

About BLOOM imprint:
Between them, creative director Robin Avni and editorial director Debra Prinzing have produced and published more than 20 lifestyle, design, architecture, floral and gardening titles. They formed BLOOM Imprint as a boutique publishing company with the mission of identifying creative entrepreneurial book ideas and growing them — from the seed of an initial concept to a blooming finished product. As they publish new authors and consult with aspiring ones, the partners believe that producing a book is ultimately one of the most strategic marketing endeavors available to creatives.

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