Marvel Marries Off Two Key Avengers

Marvel Comics provided CBR with a preview of Avengers #56, by writer Jason Aaron, artist Javier Garrón, colorist David Curiel and letterer VC’s Cory Petit. In the preview, Jane Foster and Thor Odinson are married.

Over the course of the current run on avengers, Mephisto has been one of the team’s biggest adversaries, bringing together a Multiversal Masters of Evil led by Doom Supreme to harry the group. In Avengers #55, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes admitted Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk into their ranks in preparation for their coming fight against Mephisto, who has formed the Council of Red, which is made up of variants of the demon. Their goal is to rewrite the multiverse to suit their desires.

RELATED: Artist Jen Bartel Releases She-Hulk ‘Shipping Template’ for Thirsty Fan ArtThe preview for avengers #56 opens with Foster dreaming of “a horse who can fly. And talk.” After waking from the dream, Foster has trouble figuring out just where she is. Soon, though, she realizes Thor is sleeping next to her, and that they’re living in the Eastern Mists of Asgard. The house was a wedding gift from Odin given when Thor and Foster married. However, Foster suspects something is wrong, accidentally saying she’d become a doctor when she’d instead been a housewife.

The entire scene in avengers #56 then seems to take place in either a constructed world of some sort or an alternate timeline. Exactly which isn’t clear in the preview, but the solicitation for avengers #56 teases both the Thor and Valkyrie versions of the character meeting each other and having to save the soul of Jane Foster.

You can read the preview for Avengers #56 below alongside the solicitation information for the book.

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  • She once famously wielded Mjolnir as Thor, Goddess of Thunder. Today, she guards the worlds of the living and the dead as the winged Valkyrie. Now, those two versions of the same mighty hero somehow find themselves face-to-face, in a desperate bid to save the soul of Jane Foster.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Foster first appeared in 1962’s Journey Into Mystery #84. The character served as a love interest for Thor before herself wielding Mjolnir to take on the mantle of the God of Thunder. While she’s since stepped away from that role, Foster is currently operating as Valkyrie in the Marvel Universe. In terms of comics history, Foster and Thor never married. However, Foster did marry Keith Kincaid, though they eventually divorced. Kincaid and his son with Foster, Jimmy, have both since died.

Releasing May 25 from Marvel Comics, avengers #56 features a main cover from Garrón and Curiel with a variant from David Lopez.

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