The Boys’ Superpowers Twist Saves Season 3 From The Worst Comics Story

The Boys Season 3 sees Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher gain superpowers to fight against Vought, which could replace one of the comics’ worst storylines.

TheBoys‘ season 3 sees Billy Butcher gain superpowers, which could be the set-up needed to avoid one of the comic’s worst storylines. While the original comics used Compound V early on to level the playing field between Butcher’s gang and the Supes, Prime Video’s TheBoys you have avoided using it until now. Instead, the titular The Boys have mostly defeated their enemies with well-placed explosives and damning video footage. However, season 3 of Amazon’s hit show seems to be correcting their comic book deviation, albeit with some slight changes.

Despite still committing heinous acts, The Boys’ Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is a lot more centered than his comic book counterpart to date, with Butcher keeping a promise to his dying wife to protect Homelander’s (Antony Starr) biological son, Ryan (despite the boy being a Supe). TheBoys season 3 trailer also reveals that Billy Butcher has been on the straight and narrow between seasons, indicating that he is a changed man, though it seems the Butcher’s season 3 plotline of becoming a Supe himself will change that. Yet in TheBoys comic series, Billy Butcher gets to a point where his hate corrupts him beyond redemption before mercilessly turning on his own team. Butcher becomes broken when Jack From Jupiter – who isn’t in the Amazon production – kills Terror, Billy’s bulldog. Following Terror’s death, Butcher pays Jack From Jupiter a visit, grabbing him by the throat and repeatedly stabbing him. It remains one of TheBoys comics’ most violent scenes – made all the more horrifying when Billy says “It ain’t me son, I’m somewhere else watching it happen,” to his already deceased victim.


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Yet this bleak storyline that sees Butcher robbed of his pet wouldn’t work in TheBoys for several reasons, mostly due to Terror’s diminished role in the series. Despite featuring heavily in season 2’s “We gotta go now,” Terror is absent in TheBoys season 1 and hasn’t appeared enough throughout TheBoys to warrant the same reaction from Butcher following his death. Moreover, TheBoys has established that taking doses of Compound V can make its users quickly become unhinged – giving the series an alternative, legitimate reason to explore TheBoys‘famous’evil Butcher“comics storyline. In this way, TheBoys looks to have replaced Terror’s death as the catalyst for Butcher’s downfall with his new powers instead driving him over the edge – saving season 3 from TheBoys‘bleakest comics story.

TheBoys has consistently deviated from its original material to create its own, shock-filled narrative, most notably with how it has treated Compound V and Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) assault. Without Jack From Jupiter and only limited scenes showing Terror, it seems the show is due to deviate from its source material once again by avoiding the entire Terror death plotline. However, this does leave the question as to how Billy will eventually get to that point in TheBoyswhether through the loss of Homelander’s son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), whom Butcher has sworn to protect, or through the heavily-teased Compound V effects.

In The Boys’ season 3 trailer, Billy receives superpowers via Compound V which has been known to warp the mind, as seen with A-Train (Jessie Usher) in season 1. With Billy finally able to match the Supes in a fair fight he will likely become the villain rather than his curent anti-hero persona, losing his grip on his humanity as he does in TheBoys comics. Mothers Milk (Laz Alonso) even warns Billy of this in The Boys’ season 3 trailer, stating: “The whole point of what we do, is that no one should have that kind of power.“There is a lot of space for Billy to lose his way and become closer to his comic book counterpart – but TheBoys looks set to save itself from one of the worst comic storylines.

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