10 Times The X-Men Lost In The Comics

The Scarlet Witch delivered Professor X and The Illuminati a shocking loss in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessbut it’s nothing compared to the loss she handed the X-Men in the iconic comic book storyline House of M. Wanda’s decimation ranks high among the defeats the X-Men suffered but it’s not the only time the team lost in Marvel Comics.

Despite their heroic determination, the X-Men often come out on the wrong end in their biggest battles. The X-Men’s appeal arguably stems from their perseverance, a product of their comic book losses. They go down against Magneto or the Sentinels, or they lose everything against beloved teammates. Jean Gray devastated the team with her de ella turn to the Dark Phoenix, as well as her heroic sacrifice de ella. Though the X-Men save the day, they often lose as much as they win in the process.


Magneto Triumphant

Magneto confronts the X-Men in Marvel Comics.

The X-Men faced Magneto many times in Marvel Comics and they lost their share of battles. A major loss occurred in X Men #112 when the all-new, all-different line-up including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, and Phoenix fell to Magneto.

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The X-Men unleash their full power against him one by one, culminating in an early and impressive display by Phoenix. They fail to overwhelm him, with Magneto harnessing his magnetic powers in inventive ways he had yet to that point in the comics.


Magneto kills Wolverine Ultimatum

Ultimatum represents an important event in Marvel Comics as well as one of the X-Men’s greatest losses. Magneto sends a massive tidal wave into New York City, destroying it and killing many superheroes, including Daredevil. The X-Men suffer the most, though.

Numerous X-Men died in the tidal wave, including Nightcrawler, Beast, and Dazzler. Magneto later kills Wolverine, using his powers from him to tear the adamantium-coated hero apart in a horrific fashion and preventing him from using his healing factor.

The Mutant Massacre

The Mutant Massacre inaugurated the annual X-Men crossover events in the 1980s, and also handed the X-Men a devastating loss. The Mauraders slaughtered the mutant Morlocks living beneath New York City, setting off a deadly confrontation.

Kitty Pryde suffered injuries preventing her from becoming solid for a long time, while the Marauders mutilated Angel’s wings, leading him ultimately to become Archangel in some of the best X-Factor comic book issues.

The Hellfire Club

Jean Gray becomes the Hellfire Club's Black Queen.

The X-Men lose to the Hellfire Club in shocking fashion in X Men #132. Mastermind manipulates Jean Gray into becoming the Black Queen of the powerful organization and with her help from her, the team goes down in a relatively quick fashion.

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The psionic power Jean wields, combined with that of Emma Frost, undercuts the obvious advantages the X-Men bring to bear. Wolverine falls into the New York City sewers but emerges for a savage reprisal in issue #134.

Fatal Attractions

Magneto rips the adamantium out of Wolverine's body in Marvel Comics.

Magneto returns to villainy in a major way in the early 1990s, after spending much of the 1980s as a reformed hero. He delivers the X-Men a brutal loss in Fatal Attractionscapping off his cruelty by ripping all the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body.

This terrible sequence of events begins with Colossus betraying the X-Men and joining Magneto. Colossus remains with the Acolytes after the battle, embittered by the experience and Professor X’s mind-wiping Magneto for what he did to Wolverine.

The Fall Of The Mutants

X-Men lies defeated in The Fall of the Mutants comics.

The X-Men die in The Fall of the Mutants, a key crossover from the 1980s, or they appear to. The goddess Roma resurrects them after their sacrifice against the all-powerful Adversary, but the world believes they’re dead, including many former members of the team.

Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Summers go on as powerful members of Excalibur in the UK, thinking the X-Men dead for two years. The X-Men hid in the Australian Outback during this time, returning ultimately for the Hell events in 1989.

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Jean Gray attacking in Dark Phoenix Saga.

The Dark Phoenix Saga features many bitter defeats for the X-Men. Jean Gray hands the X-Men a staggering loss in X Men #135 after she first transforms into the Dark Phoenix, laying waste to the team even as they try to save her life.

Jean devours a star, destroying a solar system and becoming a powerful cosmic being in the Marvel Universe. The epic storyline ends with Jean sacrificing her life de ella to save her teammates and the entire world, a bitter loss that haunted the X-Men for years.

Days Of Future Past

Wolverine dies in Days of Future Past.

The X-Men die along with most of mutant-kind in Days of Future Past, set in a dark alternate future timeline. Sentinels ravage the world, brutally killing mutants and decimating most of the X-Men in an ugly war that ruins the world.

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The loss the X-Men suffer in this epic storyline from Uncanny X-Men #141-142 crystallizes in the iconic but horrifying death of Wolverine. The Sentinels destroy him with a single energy blast, immortalized on the cover of issue #142.

Legion Quest

Legion Quest Cover

The X-Men lose everything in the past when Legion, the powerful but disturbed son of Charles Xavier, goes back in time to kill him in the Legion Quest storyline. This alters history, leading to a dystopian alternate reality where Apocalypse ravages the entire world.

the age of apocalypse storyline that resulted in some ways features the X-Men at their most heroic. The team fights valiantly against Apocalypse’s overwhelming might from him, and ultimately defeats him, though at an unimaginable cost.

House Of M

House of M Scarlet Witch

The most grievous loss the X-Men suffered in Marvel Comics came at the hands of the Scarlet Witch in House of M. Wolverine led the battle to reverse her alteration of reality to bring back her lost children. When her spell fails, she lashes out against mutants and erases most of them.

Wanda says “No more mutants” and all but two hundred mutants in the Marvel Universe lose their powers. Her actions put mutantkind on the brink of extinction for years, a decimation the X-Men only reversed in recent comics with their Resurrection Protocols.

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