10 Weirdest DC Comic Crossovers

Crossovers are some of the most exciting and interesting events in the comic book industry. They have led to many characters crossing paths. DC, like Marvel, has had many crossovers across its long history and the two companies have even had their respective universes crossover on occasion.

RELATED: 10 Best DC Comics That Are Only Six IssuesDC heroes have found themselves meeting a wide array of characters beyond the worlds of standard superheroes and villains many times. As a result, DC has garnered a colorful and unique set of crossovers over the years. However, no matter who they meet, the heroes of DC are always willing to lend their aid to those in need.

10 Green Lantern Faces Aliens From Beyond DC’s Cosmos

Green Lantern is no stranger to facing foes from beyond the stars. However, no one could predict the franchise would soon pit Kyle Rayner, at the time the only Green Lantern, against a very different kind of alien.

Instead of the usual interstellar conquerors, the Green Lantern in this crossover finds himself facing the Xenomorphs and chestbursters from Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. Despite the power of his ring from him, the Xenomorphs are still deadly, and along with his new companions from him, he still has to watch his back from him to avoid becoming their prey.

9 DC Battled The Masters Of The Universe

The DC Universe found itself crossing over with many 80s cartoons over the past decade. One of the first such crossovers came in 2013 with a miniseries featuring the members of the Justice League coming face-to-face with the Masters of the Universe.

RELATED: 10 Harsh Realities Of Reading Old Justice League ComicsThe story follows both sides as they first skirmish and then team up to defeat Skeletor, who plans on taking over Earth while the heroes are distracted fighting one another. By the final page, both sides still prove why they are the masters of their respective universes.

8 Thundercats Storm Into Metropolis

Superman takes on the next ’80s cartoon crossover by himself this time as he finds himself working with the Thundercats, who were transported to Metropolis after pursuing the Mutants. This one-shot comic again follows the fight-then-team up formula found in many crossovers.

However, the strangeness of this crossover still makes it a stand-out comic. In an unexpected twist, the comic ends with Superman possessing an Eye of Thundera, so only time will tell if both sides will meet again. Anything is possible in comics and regardless of any other factors, the one-shot is still a roaring good time.

7 Judge Dredd And Batman: Two Sides Of The Same Penny

Nothing good can come from a person who upholds the law no matter what meeting a vigilante who works outside the law. Luckily, ‘nothing good’ makes for interesting storytelling. Starting in 2013, DC published four issues of a crossover between Batman and Judge Dredd.

This Batman crossover is weirdly funny as readers see the two antiheroes fighting each other’s galleries of rogues as well as one another. Some of the best crossovers come from teaming up characters with opposing ideologies and deep similarities, and this collection of stories delivers on this front.

6 The Man Of Steel And The Dark Knight Face Predator

The DC Universe faced the Aliens twice, and in these series, it faces the Yautja, also known as the Predator. In two separate crossovers, both Superman and Batman must defend themselves against creatures who live to kill powerful prey. Both heroes are no stranger to being hunted for sport. However, the Predator poses a more deadly threat than their usual foes.

RELATED: 8 Times The Justice League Villains Stole The ShowSuperman, in his crossover, not only has to fight with his powers disabled by a virus but take down a terrorist organization that threatens to kill millions. Similarly, Batman has to rely on his wits and training him to stand up against the Predator’s alien technology. Despite all of their powers and resources, one wrong move and it’s checkmate; rook takes dark knight and king.

5 Joker And The Mask Share A Few Laughs

The Joker has never needed powers to bring a smile to someone’s face. However, he got a chance to liven up his image of him when he found himself face-to-face with The Mask in a miniseries from 2000.

The story begins with Joker in the middle of a petty and spiteful crime when he discovers The Mask and its capabilities, quickly putting it on and using it to terrorize Gotham. However, the Joker is corrupted by The Mask’s influence and his punchlines run dry. Still, Mask or no mask, the Joker still isn’t someone to clown around with.

4 RWBY Meet Some Friends Who Share A Re-Semblence To The Justice League

RWBY is more popular than many other online animated shows, which has allowed it to branch off into other media, including a crossover comic with the Justice League. Unlike many crossovers, there’s no dimension-hopping or other magical reasons for the Justice League to appear in Remnant.

The characters instead are written and portrayed as if they had been born in that world. Their powers take the form of very powerful Semblances. Batman is able to detect patterns and Aquaman has low-level telepathy. The comic also includes some hallmarks of DC’s storytelling, too. After all, the Justice League is always tied to concepts like the multiverse and alien lifeforms.

3 Justice League And Power Rangers Are Mightier Together

The Justice League have helped stop many foes from trying to invade Earth, most of which come from their own world. Over the years, they have found themselves helping a slew of heroes from other worlds. In this crossover, the Justice League finds themselves lending a hand to the Power Rangers in a 2017 miniseries.

RELATED: 8 DC Comic Books With Great EndingsWith Lord Zedd teaming up with Brainiac, not only do the heroes have to fight in the DC Universe but take the fight back home to Angel Grove as well. The crossover not only allows the Power Rangers to shine both in and out of costume by taking up the mantles of some familiar heroes after losing their power coins. If nothing else, the crossover was worth it for a panel where Kimberly uses Green Arrow’s boxing glove arrow on Lord Zedd.

two Batman And The TMNT Make For Unlikely Allies

the TMNT IDW comics may only have begun in 2011, but this run of the Turtles’ comics has already hosted a handful of crossover comics, ranging from Ghostbusters to X Files. However, one of its most significant crossovers was when the heroes on the half-shell teamed up with the Dark Knight himself.

In this series, the heroes not only have to take care of the Shredder and mutated Batman villains but save their worlds from blending into a twisted amalgam of each other even as the Turtles meet their counterparts from the Mirage comics. The crossover is an absolute love letter to both series and takes advantage of the crossover to the fullest extent.

one The Scooby-Doo Gang Take A Few Notes From The World’s Greatest Detective

Scooby Doo has had many interesting crossovers throughout the franchise’s life. However, whether it’s in an animated series or comics, Mystery Incorporated seems to team up with Batman more often than any of the other characters they’ve encountered during their cases.

The team-up’s popularity endures, as DC has an ongoing series dedicated to this crossover, not just a miniseries or one-shot. The contrast between Scooby-Doo’s goofy antics and Batman’s serious attitude still has a wide appeal. That said, Batman does smile on a Joker-themed roller coaster at one point, so the Scooby gang’s goofiness might be a bit contagious.

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