Best Quotes From Each Character That Come Straight From The Graphic Novels

Netflix’s adaptation of Heartstopper is true to its source material, even some of the character’s best quotes come from the graphic novels.

heart stopper, available to stream on Netflix, is one of the biggest shows streaming right now. With amazing Twitter reactions and high ratings on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, it’s clear the show is making an impact on audiences with its heartwarming representation of LGBTQ+ romance.

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However, viewers may not know heart stopper is adapted from a graphic novel series written by Alice Oseman. Several aspects of the show mirror the novels, including some of the best lines and some of the cutest moments.


“We’ve found another one!”

Tara And Darcy Dance At Harry's Party In Heartstopper

In episode 6, Nick comes out to Tara and Darcy about his sexuality and his relationship with Charlie. Earlier in the season, Darcy expressed that she was excited to acquaint herself with the “local gays” and upon learning about Nick’s secret from her, she utters these words.


Darcy doesn’t appear much in the books. In fact, one of the main differences between the heart stopper books and the show is how much coverage the supporting couples get. However, Darcy is shown to have a zany personality and it comes through well in the show. As for the quote itself, it represents a feeling of excitement and acceptance. It can be important for people within the LGBTQ+ community or any community to get together, comfort each other and learn from each other.


“I don’t think he’s straight.”

tori and charlie heartstopper

In both the novels and the show, Nick gives Charlie a big, long hug before he leaves the Spring household. Once he’s gone, Tori, Charlie’s sister, makes this remark from the background. She starts Charlie and gives audiences one of many reasons to love her character from Ella.

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Tori is an amazing sister in both the books and the show as she’s always looking out for Charlie. She sees how hard things are for her brother de ella and she aims to make him feel better. This moment and quote is just one example of how caring she is, as she’s giving Charlie hope by sharing her observation of her. The two Spring siblings also had a little brother in the books, but he isn’t mentioned in the show.


“I like Charlie Spring! In a romantic way, not just a friend way!”

Charlie And Nick Cuddle At The Beach

in the heart stopper finale, rated highest on IMDb, Nick and Charlie take their first official date to the beach. Nick yells this line to the world. He’s accepted his feeling of him for Charlie and he wants to express his love of liking him to the world and to Charlie himself.

This is such an important moment for Nick and Charlie’s relationship. Nick has come to terms with his bisexuality and Charlie finally gets this moment of love and sincerity that he deserves. It’s also great that they separate liking someone as a friend and liking someone as more than friends. Same-sex couples are often perceived as friends, contrary to opposite-sex friends who are always assumed to be dating.


“Don’t feel like you need to come out to anyone until you’re ready.”

Tara Talks To Elle At School In Heartstopper

When Nick comes out to Tara and Darcy during the all-day band rehearsal, they discuss what it means to come out and how others may react. Reflecting on her own experience of her, she gives Nick this advice.

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Tara and Darcy’s relationship in the novels and their relationship in the show is slightly different. While the Netflix series shows Tara’s decision for her to come out, the book introduces her and Darcy as a couple who have already gone public. Either way, this line is important to the story and important for everyone to hear as no one should feel pressured to come out before they’re ready.

sarah nelson

“Thank you for telling me… I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn’t tell me that.”

Sarah smiling in Heartstopper.

One of the last scenes of heart stopper season 1 sees Nick come out to his mother after his and Charlie’s beach date. His mom by him, played by Olivia Coleman, is so kind and reassuring. She’s definitely one of the best moms in TV history. She accepts Nick for who he is and expresses that her love for him remains steadfast.

This is one of the most beautiful moments in both the books and the show. Sarah’s line and behavior of her serve as a representation and an example of how one should react to any person with the courage to come out to them. Unfortunately, parents and friends aren’t always so understanding, but a scene like this may provide them with the motivation to learn and work towards healing. It can also be important for children to see so as to provide them hope and a feeling of being understood.


“I didn’t just wake up one day like, ‘oh look, guess I’m gay now.’”

Charlie Walks Towards School In Heartstopper

In episode 6, Nick and Charlie lay on the ground and talk about sexuality. In the books, this talk took place the day after they kissed at Harry’s party. In both scenarios, this conversation was vital to Nick’s character arc.

there is a reason heart stopper is one of the best LGBTQ+ shows right now. In this scene, Charlie makes it clear that the process of figuring himself out wasn’t all cake and rainbows. He wants Nick to know that he doesn’t expect him to have it all figured out either. This moment is incredibly important for anyone questioning their sexuality, gender, etc. Everyone’s journey is different, and as Charlie is implying, that’s perfectly okay.

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