How to Get Timeworn Artifacts in Final Fantasy XIV

To acquire one’s Augmented Law’s Order Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to collect fifteen Timeworn Artifacts from a specific Duty.

The Timeworn Artifact is a rare resource in final fantasy xIV that serves as the quest item required for completing “A New Path of Resistance.” This quest is part of the extensive questline for assembling one’s Relic Weapon, the endgame armament of the Shadowbringers expansion. “A New Path of Resistance” is the second half of the fifth step for the Relic Weapon refinement process and rewards FFXIV players with a new Augmented Law’s Order Weapon once they’ve collected Timeworn Artifacts ×15.

final fantasy XIV offers two ways to acquire the fifteen Timeworn Artifacts needed for an Augmented Law’s Order Weapon. The first way is through the instanced Deep Dungeon, Palace of the Dead. This optional activity can be unlocked moderately early on by completing the side quest, “The House That Death Built,” accessible once the Level 17 MSQ, “Into a Copper Hell,” has been fulfilled. FFXIV fans can enter the Palace of the Dead by speaking with the Wood Wailer Expeditionary Captain, located in South Shroud at Quarrymill at the coordinates X:25.2, Y:20.6.


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However, a significant drawback of farming Timeworn Artifacts via Palace of the Dead in FFXIV is that the item drops are randomized. Furthermore, rarities like Timeworn Artifacts will most likely spawn as loot in the deeper levels of the Dungeon, meaning that it’s possible for players to complete a run without receiving any of the resources. Therefore, it is recommended that Relic Weapon seekers choose the second method of Timeworn Artifact farming, Delubrum Reginae.

Farming Timeworn Artifacts In FFXIV

Farming Timeworn Artifacts In FFXIV

Delubrum Reginae is a challenging 24-player Duty wherein participants must brave the depths of ancient Bozjan Ruins. Players will unlock this Dungeon by completing “Fit for a Queen,” a side quest inherently part of the Relic Weapon questline that comes before “A New Path of Resistance.“In other words, Warriors of Light will already have access to this Dungeon by the time they are tasked with gathering fifteen Timeworn Artifacts.

Completion of Delubrum Reginae will reward players with three Timeworn Artifacts. Accordingly, FFXIV players will need to complete the Duty roughly five times to collect the required number of artifacts for their Augmented Law’s Order Weapon. In the past, participants would only receive a single Timeworn Artifact from defeating The Queen, the final boss of Delubrum Reginae. However, since Patch 5.57, the reward drop has been increased to three, significantly reducing the time needed to farm the quest item. Additionally, eleven players have acquired enough Timeworn Artifacts, they can return to Zlatan and Gerolt in Gangos and receive their new armament.

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final fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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