How to Publish a Book

How to publish a book need not be an opaque process. This class will explain how the book publishing industry works. With this understanding you will be better placed to create. strategy of how to publish your book.

What you will learn

This class is designed to introduce you to the world of book publishing and how it works. It isn’t a class on how to write a book, it’s about the publishing industry and how you get your book out there successfully into the market. This is not a self publishing guide, it’s an introduction to publishing masterclass.

About the How To Publish Your Book Course

This class has six sections followed by a Q&A.

The publishing industry today

  • Introduction to the publishing options available to authors
  • Traditional Publishers
  • Literary Agents
  • self publishing companies
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each – the reality

self publishing

  • Similarities with indie filmmaking
  • What is self publishing and how is it different to hybrids
  • What steps are involved
  • The big mistakes self publishing authors make (and how to avoid them)

Copyright and how it works

  • How is copyright created?
  • Can you register copyright?
  • How do you protect a book?
  • Can you protect the idea behind your book?

The key steps in publishing any book

  • Covers – good and bad
  • Typesetting
  • editing
  • Printing and distribution (selling around the world)
  • ebooks

Marketing and publicity

  • How to market a book
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Getting into the national press
  • Bloggers and reviewers
  • What can the author do?

Cost and budget

  • Pure DIY guerilla style
  • Hiring the pros


  • Your chance to ask questions about your own project

Who should attend?

This is an essential course for any author or would-be author. Even those that have (self) published something previously.

It would also be ideal for multimedia content creators who are interested in exploring the possibility of a book or ebook as an additional content dissemination stream.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the class, students will have a good understanding of the modern publishing world today, how it functions, the possibilities and the challenges, and how they can professionally publish their own books.

Students can bring their book projects / outlines to discuss and get feedback on possible next steps as part of the discussion.

*This class will be available on VOD for 60 days after the class

About the presenter

Gareth Sibson will be your masterclass tutor. He is a lawyer, bestselling author and publisher.

In 2005, Gareth self-published his first novel that became a bestseller. Shortly after he co-founded Authoright and Clink Street Publishing, which focus on publishing and promoting new and unknown authors. He has been an innovator and disruptor in the self publishing sector for the past fifteen years.

Gareth is a regular lecturer and speaker at universities – including the National Film & Television School, University of the Arts London, UCL and others – and at literary festivals and publishing events around the world (The Frankfurt Book Fair, BookExpo America). He has consulted for some of publishing’s biggest names in the UK and USA. In 2015, he was named a Frankfurt Book Fair ambassador.

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