My father rescued a box of kittens from the Walmart parking lot | tracey folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My mother worked for the local Walmart for over a decade. During that time, my father and I made frequent trips to the store to make purchases and to visit my mother at work.

The Walmart store where my mother worked was located in a rural area. The closest town was about fifteen minutes away, and the nearest city was over an hour away. The store was situated on a large plot of land, and the main parking lot was often full of cars.

Late one night, my father stopped by the store to pick up a few items and say hello to my mother when he heard noises coming from a cardboard box someone had left in one of the shopping carts. The shopping cart and its noisy cargo were in the shadows on the side of the store, where people were almost certain to miss it until morning.

Fortunately, my father liked to park where there were fewer cars and less traffic. Otherwise, he may have missed the cardboard box and its precious occupants, too.

The box contained a trio of fluffy white kittens that someone had packaged and abandoned like trash. They were all meowing loudly. My father asked a store employee if he knew who had left the box of cats there. The employee said that he didn’t know.

My father couldn’t just leave them there, so he took the box and brought it home with its load of kittens. We nursed them back to health and found them all loving homes. Each time I think about those kittens and how someone left them alone in the dark Walmart parking lot, I am so grateful that my father was there to rescue them.

We quickly learned that two of the kittens were male and one was female. The female was the smallest of the bunch and we named her Pebbles. The two males were larger, and we named them Bam-Bam and Jason.

Pebbles was the first to start using the litter box and eating on her own. Bam-Bam and Jason were a little behind, but they eventually caught up. They were all such playful and loving kittens.

It’s been a few years since my father rescued those kittens from the Walmart parking lot, but I will never forget how he saved their lives. Now, all three of them are healthy, happy cats that bring joy to their new families every day.

My father’s act of kindness that night saved those three kittens from certain death. I will never forget how I rescued them. Each time I look at my own cats, I am reminded of that fateful night in the Walmart parking lot and how different their lives could have been.

If you see something or someone in need, don’t hesitate to act. You could make all the difference in the world. I’m so grateful that my father found these kittens when he did. They might not have survived the night if they hadn’t.

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