Roger Wood Talks Toll Booths With State Rep

New Hampshire is far behind other New England states and others across the country when it comes to collecting funds from the driving public for highway improvements. In many parts of the east, drivers can travel hundreds of miles without encountering a toll booth. That is not the case in New Hampshire. Toll booths along the Spaulding Turnpike are still slowing traffic. Podcast producer Roger Wood recently spoke with Rep. Tim Horrigan, D-Durham. I have introduced legislation that would mandate all booths be removed by the year 2035.

Timothy Horrigan earned his BA in English and MA in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and his MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Southern California. His professional experience includes working as a self-employed writer, educational test scorer for Measured Progress, Navision database programmer for Enterprise Management Solutions, Press and Foundation Outreach consultant for Global Health Council, climatic data analyst for Vermont Weather Associates Limited, physical science technician for the Army Corps of Engineers and digital mapping technician for Geographic Data Technology. He has been a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives since 2008.

Podcaster Roger Wood was honored for his podcast this year.

Roger Wood is an award winning radio, podcast, newspaper and television journalist, with over 40 years of experience in the media. Roger has spent his entire professional career in New Hampshire. Roger currently serves as associate publisher and podcast producer at In 2021 and 2022, he was recognized by the New Hampshire Press Association for his work in news podcasts. He has produced news and special feature reports for InDepthNH, New Hampshire Public Radio, NPR, and other public and commercial radio stations. He also produced a news spot for CBS Radio. He has produced and narrated some 50 audiobooks and has written three novels. Roger has also moderated political forums for Seacoast Area Chambers of Commerce in Senate, gubernatorial and congressional races. He has also facilitated public policy discussions locally and statewide. Roger and his wife Elaine reside in Portsmouth.

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